Founders pack and queue times

I redeemed my pack on a server with a major queue time. It was tweeted that there are other lower pop servers, I simply want to start over on a new lower pop server. If I cannot get my items, I have to wait in queue, how can I change servers if all my items are on a different server… seems kind of silly at this point, what can be done about this?

I did the same, but reading what others say custom support responded to them it’s more or less, “we dont care, we wont do anything, we cant” which is pure rubbish and it’s just frustrating, wont buy a single thing from their shop. I would have but with this, no way. Amazon just want you to pay again. Insane. Went Zinnervale to play, friends couldnt get in at all so we decided to switch and then me and one friend noticed this that we didnt get pet or title, like for real… 99.999999999% make things account wide, not Amazon, it’s server and character only…

its because there are a loot of players …

So they just dodged the question without giving an answer at all and blame it on alot of players, no shit, could figure that out with the amount of pre-orders and expect alot more to join on Friday. They did same thing with New World, made servers for 10% of the population that bought the game (and it’s not even free). No excuse “alot of players”… tsk tsk.

Edit: And also they usually want people who are in queue or so to join lower servers, but people want to play on same as their friends so it’s not unusual more then 1 switch. I guess they didnt think that far.

I agree, and on the 11th, it will go from:
to the same garbage we saw with New World…

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@CaptainChunk , I do apologize for any inconveniences, as @Tiaz says we cannot refund nor transfer redeemed items. Thank you for your understanding.

Also, thank you for the feedback, it is always appreciated. Feel free to use the “Feedback section” for any other feedback. Game Feedback - Lost Ark Forums

If you have a concern, please let me know.

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How is it one hear about people who gotten two founder packs, claimed one then next day another in the mail? If it cant be transfered why not change it so it’s send each time make a new character on the server? Does it make sense or seem fair to you? :slight_smile: Isnt founder title anyway supposed to show you payed for the game before launch anyway. Goodwill from a company goes pretty far. I mean you read about some who spent 80 euro and it’s just on one char, and it’s gone.

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Thank you for your feedback @Tiaz, feedback is always appreciated.

I do recommend you to use the “Feedback” section on the forums for any other feedback.

Also, we are currently addressing the issue we had with players getting multiple founder packs. Here is a post from one of our Community Managers.

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See you soon; oh wait 18k queue time on my server with no ability to xfer the founders pack. This is for early access. This is a total joke.


You should have informed people how those founder packs work on the page where it was purchased.

Ingame it clearly says: 1 Char per ACCOUNT. This implies, items can be used account wide / per server, not limited to a single server. Gems/Mounts/Pets are account wide but items ain’t.

This is a mess, expecially with locked char creation. Char and 100$ pack locked out from each other without a way to transfer.

And come on, it’s early access, you had the exact numbers to prep servers. You didn’t.


Seems like the simple solution is to make mount and skins account bound not character bound? I don’t understand why they are royally screwing the founders pack people who are literally paying to support this game before its full release.

I’m stuck on a high high queue server, no one will leave because we’ve all claimed our packs. I contacted support and they said “server queues are not our fault, they should calm down soon.” This is the day before the game goes full release for FREE. This is a joke