Founders pack being scams?

At first I thought it could have just been a scam but you can’t even purchase more than a single tier of any given pack to collect the rewards on multiple servers or characters. Hopefully this is just an oversight and pets/mounts/skins will actually be account-bound and usable on any character on any server.

I’m trying to wrap my head around how useful these Founders packs are in reality. The pet and mount are only usable on a single server and the skins are usable on a single character and their subclass?

So, if this is the case then the Founders pack will just sit in my mailbox until I level every subclass to endgame where I decide which one I like the most? Do I also just never change servers as well if a server becomes overpopulated/underpopulated or if I end up making friends outside the server?

I guess I will have take a screenshot of my Founders pack in the mailbox and send a link of it to everyone I meet in game. This will be easier to show other people than switching to one character that has the Founders pack claimed on it.

Thanks to everyone taking the time to read this or reply.

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Not to be a dick but everything you mentioned was publicly known well before release.