Founders Pack Claimed Wrong Help

Guys, i created a character on wrong server and claimed my founders pack, now im stuckedf on a server with ppl talking in a language that i dont know and my friends are playing in another server, a lot of people its with that same problem, pls do something about it thank u

Having a similar issue, I started on trixion which is apparently an unofficial french server and am hoping there is some way to get the items or character transferred but as far as i can tell character transfers arent a thing.

I have the same problem ! My friend also created his character on Thirain and then he got a message that he is swapped to Trixion… so what i did is i create on Trixion and played and claimed my founders pack… then we realized we cant add as friends so we looked further and what happend ? His character was on Thirain and not as the message sayed on Trixion… iam also fcked up because of that…

Yeah, they need to do something, a lot of other games can do things like that easily and only here we have that problem and cant transfer or reclaim bonuses…

Yeah Its kind of making me not want to play right now because i dont want to invest in a character i might not play If i can have the items transferred

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Hello @Magzeros

Hope you are doing great today!

I’m sorry to hear about this inconvenience with the wrong server.

I understand you already redeemed the Founders pack with the character you created in a wrong server, unfortunately, at this point there is no option to move the character to a different region or to move the Founder pack to a different character.

My apologies for any inconvenience this may cause to you.

Take care and have a wonderful rest of your day!

I did exactly same thing. This coudlve been avoided if they added language tags, which ags refused. Now we’re stuck with a ‘sorry, we cant do anything’. I feel scammed honestly