Founders pack gone from account

I didn’t even redeem my founders package on one of my characters but i saw it available to claim. finally this morning i was able to create a character on my friends/families server so deleted that old character with the founders packaged not claimed on and now its no where to be found. not even available on my new character. please if i can get help with this I would appreciate it. i havent been able to use the items i purchased

Hi @R3NN!

Firstly, I’m sorry for the inconveniences with your founders pack, and I appreciate your patience.

As known, there’s a general issue with the product inventory, which partially affects items that have to be redeemed through the product inventory. Items like Aura, Twitch Drops, Loot, Founder Packs, etc.

And right now, the devs are working hard to fix this and similar issues related to the commerce server and the product inventory. There’s been some multiple maintenance which might stabilize the system, so please stay in touch with the following link: Official News | Lost Ark

You can view all of the information regarding this issue here at the known issues page: Update on Known Issues | Lost Ark.

I hope this information has been of help, have a great day! :bird: