Founders pack monday?

They said you have until 1-13 to open your packs then it will be distributed to those who obtained and opened them. I assume Monday or perhaps sometime next week they will give them to us.

How do I understand the news.

Do they give a FULL pack + the extra as a bonus?

I have a platinum opened on a server which I regret due to being locked down for friends and then being majority non-English speaking. I don’t care about any of the contents on that server as I won’t return, so my hope is that this Founders pack is the ‘full package’?

Can anyone clarify that for me. As it can be interpreted for me at least in two ways. A watered down version or the full version + little extra goodies…

You just need to have redeemed the Founder’s Pack from your Product Inventory to any character/server before Monday at noon PT (8 PM UTC). The bonus pack from the article will be granted at a future date (we’ll share an exact timing when we can), and that will go to your Product Inventory so you can redeem it on any server/region you choose.


Why force redeeming it? You will just mess up again cause queue’s etc while redeeming more crap just to have this happen all over again. The whole point is we get punished by redeeming things so don’t make it a requirement…


Hi Roxx, as I read it then the founder pack is watered down? As an example of buying platinum I had for example 10.000 silver coins…and other goodies, in the list on the article, you do not get any of that?

It does not contain items that had account-wide currencies, as we are aware of negative affects this may have on the in-game economy.


But those arent account wide.
The wallpaper and founder title are also server specific.
The only thing that is account wide, are the royal chrystals.
There is nothing else I have on the new server i moved to.

Also, I got this buged second platinum chest on my old server.
I never opened it, but it is in my character storage.
Should i delete it by myself or just wait for you to revoke it like you announced?


rip in advance to the people that complain in topics afterwards cause they haven’t used their 1st one yet.

Hi Roxx, exactly what Napfkuchen writes.

The currency is not being able to be re-used it is server specific. If it was account-wide we would not have a problem.

So I am not sure I understand why this is omitted…

What about the level 20, 40, 50 packs of equipment with platinum, that is also not clear on news site if included.

Thanks for your time.


I believe the game will just give it to you on monday to your second server character

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At a future date? Why would founders swap servers if they aren’t even getting the pack right away? They already:

  1. Lose any progress they have made.

  2. Lose the name for their character. Due to the absurdly restrictive name creation this is a big lose because names deleted on any progressed characters don’t get added back instantly. Which they should be added back instantly.

  3. They now have to play catch up and are behind f2p players even though they are a founder.

  4. Making a first character on a different server acts as the same as a first character for the story. Meaning those first time viewing cutscenes can’t be skipped, even though you already experienced the story

  5. If they already used the powerpass(s) they now lose one or two level 50 alts. Which is an absurd amount of time lost.

So with all the cons of transferring to a new server. Why would founders transfer servers, if the only incentive to do so is an extra founders pack that is “coming at a later date” so it isn’t even immediately useful.

I understand you personally are just the communication between us players/customers and the dev team. However, please try to encourage them to offer more incentive. Such as free powerpasses for transferring. The ability to transfer a name from one character to another. Or the technology to actually transfer a character outright. Cause as it stands. There is virtually no reason to lose all their progress simply for a founders pack.


Basically when you receive your bonus Founder Pack, they’re saying exclusive items such as the wallpaper (Platinum Pack), title (All Packs) may not be usable if already used.

They decided on this after receiving a lot of feedback from players that wish to move to less populated servers. It wasn’t solely to incentivise founders to move, but rather give them more freedom if they wish to avoid queues or move to play with friends.

What about those of us (me) who had their packs missing from the product inventory since maintenance? I can’t claim my gold pack because it is missing.


It still would make sense to allow for name transfers at a bare minimum. And a powerpass for those that have already leveled a character to max. This would highly encourage players to give up their progress to join friends on a lower population server. Which would help with queues and server capacity.

How can redeem my pack, when my whole product inventory is still missing?
9 items just gone to nowhere…


I aswell cant claim my platinum pack since its missing, I just hope we all can “claim it” before the monday cut off because that would suck that people get 2 packs and we get none


I can understand your frustration, but name transfers aren’t really possible. Also items that would fast-track you on a new server would be unfair to existing players, that’s something they also need to keep in mind.

This majorly sucks, because I have 100k silver on a character I’ll never use again. :expressionless:

And that was a part of the massively-disappointing Platinum & Gold Founder’s Pack that I spent hard-earned cash on.


Where do they say that, I understand it that they will give you those specific items but if you are trying to open and claim it on a roster that already has those claimed then it will not work.

Otherwise, honestly, besides the crystals, what is the point giving a “new” founders pack if the founder exclusive items are not given. Makes no sense at all.

Roxx was also incorrect in stating the economy balancing (reason to not also give the silver). As the whole purpose of this one-time extra founder pack is to give those the ability to re-roll who prematurely opened the packs on servers which ended up being the wrong server.

If I was given 10k silver on a server I don’t intend to play anymore, giving another 10k is not 20k on one server as it is not account bound the way Roxx stated. It is only server/roster specific.

I would be happy for all the silver being taken from my ‘original’ server if I claim the new founders pack :wink: