Founders pack not given after 14th

Hi there, i was one of the players seperated from their friends.
There was a community post saying that founders pack would be given again to those that opent their packs before a certain time on the 12th but this did not happen for me. i was able to join my friends on another server finaly after some waiting but now my founders pack is stuck on a charracter on a server i am not playing on at all.

Could i please get some help with this?

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Hey @Viseralis !
The deal is : you’ll receive a new pack if you used yours before he 14th ; not the new one is given the 14th.
No date was announced for this.

ah so its still to be announced when its given ?

That’s it ! :slight_smile:

The same thing happened to me. I switched from Regulus to the Danube server…today, no new founder plat pack…

See my answer upper.

Thanks for the replies, ill try and be patient.
have a good day!