Founders Pack Refund

I can’t refund my founders pack anymore? Steam says: This purchase contains consumable content that cannot be refunded. I’ve decided to refund it, because after I tried the the RU client I didn’t really like it. As a someone mentioned eariler in their post, this game is not for everyone. So yeah, what now? I dont want to waste 25 bucks on a game I dont even play seriously.


contact steam directly and see if there’s anything they can do, if you bought it via amazon then no idea

as the game has not been launched yet the DLC items have not been put on your account. The auto refund was likely denied because the founders packs are listed as DLC

I was able to refund my bronze pack before, because I wanted a better one so thats why I am curious.

you were able to refund the dlc before today. so that’s not it.


You can refund it. I refunded bronze pack today and bought silver pack.

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You refund through here:

Send steam a message and they’ll refund you for it. I refunded a pack yesterday because I decided I wanted to upgrade and they confirmed my refund within like 2 hours 'n had it processed back into my account in >24 hours

Refunds were automatic any time prior to February 7th – you may be able to resolve this by communicating with Valve support. I would definitely recommend opening this ticket today, as after the game unlocks tomorrow you won’t be able to get refunds since Valve can’t revoke our in-game items once they are delivered


If you haven’t logged into the game on Steam for 2+ hours then you should be able to get a return on it based on Steams refund policy even though Ark only offered em until the 7th

You can’t do this with some DLCs like Founder’s Pack. There is no refund before 2h.

Considering steam rules which enable smooth refund of unreleased products…

Game is officially out on steam, right?

That’s true he’s right however Steam is typically pretty good about how they treat their gamer community. If you take a second to type out an explanation to them about the situation I think they’d be willing to give you a pass. Maybe also post up a link or two from the Lost Ark website / forums where they explained how activating the Founders Packs work that will verify to steam that there’s no way you could have officially activated it yet. Hell LA is currently holding down the #1 top seller spot and 4 of the top 5 spots… Steam is making bank via their cut of the sales to the point where I dont think it’d be worth it for them to tell you no. Keeping a customer happy is worth a small refund on a product that’s currently raking it in for them.


Can also confirm that I am currently having this same issue, seems quite strange. Posted a ticket so will see what they say.

hey there im having this issue to i have no idea how to refund it as it just says This purchase contains consumable content that cannot be refunded. If there is another way an answer would be amazing.

This is why you’re all having an issue. They we’re only auto refunded up until yesterday. Now you’ll have to manually contact steam because it’ll be them refunding it now Instead of Lost Ark

The best option to write to an actual person and explain the situation is to talk with someone through:

  • Account information (top right on steam at your name.)
  • Buy history
  • Press the founder’s pack
  • I have a question about this purchase and explain everything there.

Might be easier ways to do it but this is just one I know where to actually get in touch with someone without getting automatic reply 24/7.

Just make sure to NEVER enter Lost Ark while doing so since that would result in you getting the DLC automatically (unless you get it on release without logging in? Not entirely sure.)
(This is through Steam.)
Doing so would have the highest chance of getting a refund back.

I used this method, I tried to use the normal refund option, after waiting 2 days I cancelled it (to select paypal instead of steam wallet) to find I couldn’t get the refund.
I used the above to explain this, it also allows you to upload files/images, I should I couldnt get the refund, that the game wasnt out and also the above from Roxx. It took around 2 hours for me to get a refund, now I can get a better pack :slight_smile: GL if you try this, but you should be good if you try before the game actually launches (8th)

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Same problem… can’t refund. Submit a question to the order. Hopefully I get a response. Really would like to upgrade tiers.

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Currently waiting for a response on a refund of a lower tier pack after getting a higher tier.