Founders Pack Refund

You can keep it if youd like, it stacks. At least you arent missing out on content.

True, although not everyone can afford multiple tiers.

I own the Bronze pack and want to upgrade to Gold pack, now I’m worried to refund it as i’m reading these posts and it’s manual. I don’t want to miss out on the game tomorrow by some weird chance, if I just buy the gold pack (without refunding the bronze pack) I will still get the gold pack stuff yes?
How long does the manual refund take if I were to do it right now?

I know but I would rather get a refund for pack I do not need.

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I would send a manual refund ticket before the game actually comes out to get the best chance of getting a refund.
I am currently little over an hour waiting for a response on my refund ticket, though I am a little worried about the current time and not sure when Steam stops/resumes looking at tickets.
I bought on Steam

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So can I request a refund, and buy the gold pack in the mean time so I’m able to have access to the game while it processes? God forbid it were to take more than 14 hours? If someone can answer that for me it’ll be appreciated!

Since you get the items sent to your account as soon as you launch the game and the packs stack I doubt they can process the refund as soon as you launched the client. So be careful.

Bought the bronze pack and wanted to upgrade to silver for the gems and silver. Asked manually for a refund yesterday and their reply was “can’t be refunded cause DLC and more than 2 hours” to which I replied the game didn’t come out yet and the request was made yesterday. Waiting for an email.

Having the exact same issue. Bought the silver pack played beta and want to upgrade to Platinum being told they wont refund my Silver pack due to playing over 2 hours!

i have the same issue. I bought the Gold package and i want to refund it to buy the Platinum. Can i jsut pruchase the platinum on amazon and get a refund on steam? Or is the Amazon one also on steam?

U literally waited so much before refund lmao you had months to try RU and you decided to do it 1 day before launch? gg

Not OP, but I contacted Steam directly and was told it doesn’t qualify for a refund, despite many people seemingly having gotten theirs.

How can I contact steam directly?
Apparently, I haven’t logged in the game for more than 5 minutes and found out I cannot play with my friends. I didn’t even make a character nor redeem anything yet and steam doesn’t allow me to refund.

I’d like a refund as I can’t play with my friends due to your new server locks, but steam won’t allow it. This is basically a bait and switch, you need to add a HUGE warning about the server locks before allowing people to give you money.