Founders Pack scam - Steam and Amazon are not abiding by their own refund policies

The Founders Pack (of various types - Bronze / Silver /Gold / Platinum) is to give players early access up to a three-day head start before the official free-to-play launch on the 11th of Feb 2022 EST.
Players that purchased this Founders pack closer to the date were shocked to discover, me, one of them that the server our friends were on all of a sudden was locked to character creation.
Now there was no clear way of knowing this until the Founders Pack was purchased, the game was then unpacked on the Steam Launcher and the game was started.
Now according to the refund policy of both Steam and Amazon, this means the purchase should be able to be refunded; however, both companies have disabled the ability to do so through their respective websites and are going against their own company policies.
This is the greatest scam since Ice Pesioden if ever there was, and is straight-up illegal to do so in any country. Imagine the shock the games creator will face when he starts reading Reddit posts and being blasted over social media about this scam.
Not looking good for the game’s long-term growth if this is how they start off.
MMO’s in general are a dying bread of game style, to have this happen, after the failure that New World turned into just shows Amazon’s track record is not looking good when it comes to gaming. Steam also is not looking good on this front either, perhaps it’s time to allow Microsoft to control the whole gaming market; at least they for the most part follow their own refund policy.
So sad, what could have been a beautiful experience is now already soured by this whole experience right here. Shame I will just delete the game and keep telling everyone to do the same in protest.
So in short, I wanted to play with friends on NA West server Valtan. I purchased the Founders Pack, unpacked the pre-download and started the game to find the server locked. So not even a chance to jump into a que timer but a straight denial by Amazon to allow me to play with my friends.


You’re not making a clear and concise argument here. The servers were locked (although you can still seemingly get in during off peaks hours) and make a character, so as I have been reading on the forums. So what exactly are you getting angry about and berating this as a “scam.”

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ehehe boy better grabbing the moneys and run away, they are smart

All servers are unlocked right now. What are you complaining about?


People keep throwing the word scam and refund around. You were in no way scammed

They are literally all unlocked right now - he has no point.

@glides thats EAST US, thread is for EU


NA West servers still have Valtan as locked, you could not check that until you access the game check again.
Now most Ocenaic players are on NA West servers to avoid lag issues also

That’s fair.

Its like Amazon learned nothing from New World, seems like the running joke applies here that we all used to say about Blizzard “INDIE COMPANY”

Fair enough - check back during none peak times and i’m sure you can get in.

For the record I think the locks were really stupid. I was just excited to see they lifted them in my region.

Congratiulations :partying_face:

bru we are not even close to peak time, and the situation is like this since 4h or more u have no point here lol

I have been online and playing for the last I don’t know how long, the server hasn’t come back unlocked since 10am AEST, it’s now 1:15am AEST the next day and I still haven’t seen it come back online, Every other server EXCEPT Valtan and Mari are back online now, so I can completely understand everyones frustration, I have a group of friends who managed to get in and are able to play with my main toons, but my second group are still waiting with me, by no means do I think the game is bad for this, but I am still disappointed and rightfully so.

I logged out of EU server (show busy and a que from 8000 and up) and couldn’t get in on any EU server at all. Switched to NA East and all servers have green status.

Maybe try not judge something before you test it yourself as it is really annoying getting locked out of game when one have to log out and in again to even see if Crystalline Aura have been enabled.

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I judged it based on the fact I went to play on NA West server Valtan when I purchased the Founders Pack to play with friends and the server was locked, even after the 4-hour maintenance for launch and is still locked

Yo me siento super estafado con el pack al igual que tu si llego a saber todo esto no me gasto ni un centimo xDDDD

Yea Its kinda savage. My friends were gonna join my server but they locked it out… Just to unlock it every now and then for a little bit of time… We all have lives and can’t just sit and wait. I wish they just gave me the entire founders pack again on a new server.

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To also understand why NA West, Oceanic players will experience lag regardless, we don’t have a server for our region. So we normally will play on NA West servers. Now, that said, we also want to play with our friends and there was no way to check the server status until the game was accessed. That meant purchasing the founder’s pack, having steam unpack the pre-download to access the game, and then finding out you can’t join the server your friends are on.
I mean this is a repeat of the New World experience for me all over again, its like Amazon learned nothing.

Not all, did you try to scroll down?
And they really should lock Zinnervale, i had 18k que, now all the way down to 13k wee ONLY 2-3 more hours and I’m in :smiley:

[EDIT] Ahh you are not on EU server thats why nothing is locked…