Founders pack showcase: in a near future?

Hi there! In the January update post, the “looking ahead” section states the following:

While we know there’s a ton of excitement surrounding launch day and launch day information, rest assured that we’ll have more details on their way to you next week. This article will include launch day instructions for players, a launch server list, information about weekly reset times, the exact server open and pre-download times, and more.

Before launch, we also have plans to share additional details about Lost Ark’s Business Model and Monetization, full launch patch notes, some information about what makes this version of game different from other versions, and more. There will also be a roadmap to share our post-launch plans headed your way once the game is in your hands so you’ll know what to look forward to!

As you may have noticed, it appears that a post/video to show founder packs content with more detail is not “planned” as I understand.

Are we going to get a more in-depth look at founder pack content before release?


I would especially like a video showcasing the Northern Lawmaker Avatar ingame for all the classes.


This. While i saw some videos featuring the Platinum avatar for a few classes (playlist here), afaik we still don’t have any in-game visuals of what the avatar in the Gold founder pack will look like.

Business Model and Monetization info will be interesting to know in more details though. For instance i saw a character slot might be 900 royal crystals. Dunno if it’s the real price, if it’ll be available with blue crystals too or not, etc. All this will impact my choice to buy a pack or not.

Founder Pack and Monetization stuff should be coming next week.

Ah, Founder’s Pack info will be tied in with Monetization/Business Model stuff. Will be out while they’re still available, giving time to make or change any purchase decisions


@Roxx Will that info also have whether or not founders pack skins will be tradable?

Yup yup


Perfect thank you!

Thanks @Roxx, this clarifies things.

hey was also wondering if the founder items would be tied to the first server we join? example: say if you never claim anything and then switch to play on a different server come the 11th with friends will everything be locked to the first server you played on?

We got the first images of the northern lawmaker avatar! Have a look at this (Founder’s Pack Content Showcase - News | Lost Ark - Free to Play MMO Action RPG)

why isnt this a new separate article!!! Of course, update old ones too but so many have been waiting for this! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Maybe Amazon should hire you!

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