Founder's Pack Stacking

Do you know if the 30 day Crystalline Aura stacks? 2x founder’s = 60 day? Also how much is 30 days in game?

yes the Aura stacks if you buy more than 1 founder pack. but beware that the founder packs don’t stack! like for example if you buy 2 of the same type of founder pack that won’t work out for you. you’ll only receive 1 and the other is useless. but if you buy 2 different types of founder pack that’ll work out. also it’s the same way of buying the aura from ingame shop. it stacks too.

possibly $10 for 30 days Aura! could be less / could be more. we’re unsure about that.

The crystalline aura can be bought with gold via blue crystals in our version of the game as far as i know unlike KR for example so it does not necessarily cost royal crystals or real money but the price would be around 10USD if it would be through royal crystals.

last unconfirmed info was $25 / 90 days. And about the same if used ingame blue crystals.

You stack them by buying them on steam? Cause amazon only allows one purchase of the same tier per account

It’s $10 if you convert it from the Russian store. That being said, you could be right of course. Who knows. I think $25 is a bit much for what you get, but both Amazon and Smilegate want to make money out of it so it wouldn’t surprise me if everything is more expensive for us.

You can stack them on Steam for one account. :cowboy_hat_face:

$25 / 90 days

not sure how much it costs in RU but ours also (should) have pet bonuses & features in it

How do you farm blue crystals? Is it something you used to upgrade gear as well?

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you can get blue crystals through leveling up your Roster which is the purple line. it has rewards in there on each level etc. there’s also different things to do ingame which rewards you with blue crystals. you can also exchange gold for crystals which is great!

The royal crystals are the orange ones that can be bought with real money which can be used to exchange them for the blue crystals which in their turn can be sold for gold via the in game market which fluctuates depending on supply and demand.

So the players can also buy the blue crystals with in the game gold then use the crystals for various utilities including the crystalline aura which can last up to 30 days and can give so many interesting buffs ( the most sought after is the one that can give x2 bifrost slots letting characters to practically teleport to almost any place on the open world map including islands ).

And the blue crystals cannot be used to upgrade gear.