Founder's Pack Titles in Locked Servers

For the servers that were locked before the free release, if they don’t open, it makes the value of the Founder’s title irrelevant, when it’s one of the more permanent things we could have gotten from any of the founder’s packs. It would be nice to have on release day, or a few weeks or months down the line, but now that it’s locked, literally every player has it… It has nothing special associated with it when literally everyone you can possibly meet on the server is a founder. I like cosmetics and that is one of the more appealing parts of the packs but this purchased item is supposed to be one of the rarer/rarest things as time passes but is now one of the most common things with 100% ownership by everyone you meet… Seems like I won’t be getting any cosmetic value out of it now on the main character I have put many hours into