Founders' packages truly exclusive?

Is buying a platinum pack the only way to have Cerberus as a mount? Will it be available for purchase in the future after the game’s premiere?

we can’t be sure until we don’t see one with our own eyes :slight_smile: and even then it may change on a whim of some manager…

But in all other regions preorder mount is indeed exclusive for life and region specific. Unfortunately. I actually like JP foxie and RU horse. Don’t plan ever use cerberus.

Most likely not and we will see most of the avatars in the shop later on but who knows. AGS will not confirm this for you so you have to decide on your own if you are willing to risk it and never see them again.

If you care about the founder packs skins even a little, I recommend buying the founder’s pack right away.

For me, as i understand it, everything beside the Founder’s Avatar is exclusive.

Will you be able to sell the mount and costumes from the big boi version on the market board / AH?

Plat avatar were not exclusive in KR so I believe it won’t be the case here too.

Also if you take a close look, there is a main difference in the description. Everything that is exclusive have the word Exclusive in their name (Founder’s exclusive avatar, Founder’s exclusive mount, Founder’s exclusive pet, founder’s exclusive wallpaper and founder’s exclusive structure) but the founder’s Avatar doesn’t. All it says is that it is exclusive to platinum founders, which make a big difference.

It is also hard to believe they will lock 15 avatars away from the game.

If its really true, then everyone should rush for the plat pack, it is priceless ^^

Still hard to believe, even on the steam page it is not labelled “exclusive” :
founders avatar
And Roxx also said that :

Maybe we can have a clarification @Roxx, would be very nice.

Platinium avatars are not exclusive in the first place (released many years ago in KR), it will be a nice thing to be able to buy them on the cash shop at release (they have to sell something day one either way).

And again,
August :

  • The game will release Fall 2021.
  • The Summoner will be playable at release.
  • A lot of items from founders packs can NOT be stacked…
    Should i continue?

All the above are no longer true, even if the information was “official” at some point.
We need a confirmation for this, everything we knew in August (before the report of the game) is pretty irrelevant today.


I would not really count on this. If I recall correctly, Roxx said on one of the streams that never say never about the avatars being in the shop later on.

This is true, and also it will be enough if the nordic avatar was the only “exclusive” avatar out there at release imo. Either way, there will be avatars on the cash shop at release, i’m betting on the platinium ones, but hey, maybe not !

Might be here but I am not going to go over it again just to try to catch one answer. The Ark #4 Closed Beta Feedback w/ Roxx, Lin-0 & Wilky - YouTube

Well, back in the day, me as a summoner player took this info as trustworthy:


I purchased a plat founders pack at that time and ended up having to refund. So, today what you see there is truth, tomorow? Who knows… 🤷

In the end no one knows, not even AGS can confirm it to you cause not even them knows if someone will wake up on a bad mood and change the rules out of nowhere.

If you want to drop 100 bucks on a lotto founders pack go ahead, the money is yours at the end of the day, just dont take whats showed there as granted.


yet you are assuming exactly the same :slight_smile: you are assuming that what roxx says is set in stone. That she actually decide and can grant things with her life bet on it. That she doesn’t make any mistake ever. Like being confused by the fact there are TWO platinum avatars there, one exclusive one not. So who knows how the information got distorted on the way…

You assume a lot if you are saying “it is exclusive” without any posibility of verifying it. Instead you sohuld be saying the only thing you can be reasonably sure of: “Roxx said in Aug this” and put the context. Because from the context I really see how easily that answer might be as wrong as it can be right.

But either way it should not really matter.

Until it can be truly verified neither version should pose a base for any solid plans. Things can change. And as such it is less important to even ask, if whatever answer should not really change anything in decision making.

And exclusivity on avatar doesn’t really change that much. It’s an avatar. It has substitutes. That makes these avatar less valuable then the pack price on its own. Shop exclusivity will make too little difference in price to be bothered with it no matter situation or desires really if you think them all over.


mount and pets are shared between characters

You get everything in a special inventory and you can recover the items on any char. Pet and Mount is account unlock but avatars can only be unlocked on one char. The founder’s avatar will only be for the 15 starting class, so no point to keep it for futures class and it will automatically be the avatar on the class you ll unlock it (so if you open the box on a bard, you’ll have the bard avatar). Avatar is a four pieces set that can be sell individually on the shop. It it’s not exclusive price will range from 2k-3k gold for each piece so 8k-12k total. If it is exclusive… well, can’t really say but it ll become more and more expensive.
Also, if it’s exclusive, can be a good investment to buy it when it’s low to resell when it’s high.

Or maybe they make it exclusive and bound?

Does anyone know if the Platinum Striker skin will be available in black color? I’d love to get an option to choose which color I want like it usually is when you buy skins from the shop…