Founders packs compensation

@Roxx @ShadowFax @TrevzorFTW @Seawolf With the founders packs compensation in 2 days for people who have already redeemed their packs, will we be receiving the compensation for all 4 of the packs we have bought or only one? and if one would this be the highest one? example if we bought silver gold and plat will we be getting the compensation for all 3 of those packs or only say the plat one? some clarification would be really nice! thank you :slight_smile:

I would hope so, a purchase is a purchase. They allowed stacking, which made them more money, makes sense they must compensate to equalize based on amount of packs.

I really hope so too

Truthfully, AGS should be giving ALL introductory skins to all purchasers of the Vanquisher/Platinum packs. The whole mixed/negative reviews are because of their poor wording.

I would like to be compensated for each pack as thats what i bought on steam, but who knows with ags x.x all we can hope for is that someone will clarify