Founder's Packs New Server to New Server Duplicate

I purchased the platinum founder’s pack today before official launch. After creating my first character on a new server, I redeemed my items thinking I would be able to play on this server with my friends.

About 40 minutes, none of my friends were able to create characters on my “new” server (Sasha in the NAE region). They were only able to create a character on one of the “new” servers.

Am I eligible to receive my platinum founder’s pack on a “new” fresh server if i were to switch there?

I won’t get a new one, u will get a downgraded one. Platinum pack gives u 7k crystal, this new one will give u 1k

Crystal is account wide - e.g. shared across all Servers. It won’t affect anyone. The main difference is the older costumes can be traded. The new ones cannot.

same problem for me :[