there has to be a way to buy founders packs for the mass amount of people who missed that chance, or the skins at least. Been searching the internet to see where and how to buy it only to result in finding out that they were exclusives, hopefully amazon games gets all the skins out for purchase

They had announcent a while ago, when the packs were available.
There is no reason to put the founder packs back in again.


That would kind of negate the pre-order exclusive factor lol


Nah, skins will stay exclusive. The shitstorm would be too great for Amazon to handle. Countless people would sue them.

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The skins can be bought in in-game player market. Of course the price is inflated due to limited nature.

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Founders pack were meant for people to get BEFORE the game is released. The exclusivity of the packs would be lost if they were made available again, for people playing AFTER it is released.

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You missed your chance because you weren’t paying attention, that’s how limited run items work. You can still purchase the skins from someone who has a founder pack and wants to sell it on the marketplace.

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It was quite unfair that the lawmaker skin can be sold on the auction house, when they originally said it would be a non-tradeable skin. Founder’s Packs have been advertised for months on the premise that they will be exclusive items. If they put those objects up for sale again, I would at least feel cheated…

Nope. I bought mine last October. A full 4 months before release. You had more than enough time. I’m sympathetic but still no.

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The clue is in the name “founders” but you can safely bet itll be back in the shop in a few weeks under a different name. To expect anything else would be…

It’s called Founders for a reason, you now can qualify for the Starter pack instead bro.

There are no plans at this time to rerelease the Founders Packs. But there will be plenty more fun things that we release!


u can buy the skins ingame for gold on the ah/trading post whatever is called

They are in the in game AH for gold, but don’t worry Lost Ark has like a billion good looking skins.

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Don’t worry the founder pack skins are not the best skins to be released, not even close. Here’s a link I found that shows all past skins on KR region.로스트아크/아바타