Founders Title Question

My question is about the founder pack titles.
Do the Bronze pack have the same title as Platinum pack?

yes. it’s just a Title for anyone that buys founder pack be it bronze or silver or gold or platinum. they get a title for supporting the game. all has the same title

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I wonder if this is not to hurt emotionally the snowflakes. Usually in other MMO’s if you pay more you get the bragging rights.
In this case bronze pack is the best deal for me. Only to reserve character names.
Thx for answer.

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From the beginning, each pack was advertised with its own tittle, but they stealth changed that a month later to only 1 title


you’re welcome! and i think i know what you mean cause i played other MMO’s and it’s based on who pays more indeed.

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Yeah and it happened overnight without any announcement and no explanation afterwards either.
Just one of the dirty deeds that happened pre-release.


Well, people were already complaining…

What is the title name?

Anyone know if that title gives any bonuses or stats?

Does anyone know where I might find the founders title? I’ve looked under ‘Titles’ and it’s not appearing, I’ve just got some green ones you get at the start. I used the item to redeem it.