FPS drop + stutter (RTX4090, I9 13900K)


since i set up my new setup, i have huge dps drops and stutters in the game and no clue how i can fix it or narrow down the problem. Has anybody else the same problem or something similar?

i9 13900K
MSI Z790 Carbon
RTX 4090 MSI Suprem X
32GB DDR5 6000-DIMM
M2 Samsung 980 Pro

Acer Predator XB323QKNV 4K

Try Bordeless Window.
Try reducing some text shown in the screen and chat tabs.

its not your game its a older game engine that has not been optimized really to make use of the newer generation stuff

it’s so incredibly disappointing to have a high end setup and not be able to play lost ark…
thx for reply guys

your pc should not affect your dps in any way I’d say you have something wrong with your gear or engravings!

i got a replay from a dude on reddit, which solved the problem! Easy Anti Cheat is the trouble maker

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Wow what a surprise./s

How surprising that the shittiest implementation of EAC screws this game up. Still not sure why EAC is so fucked on this game but works fine with others.