FPS Drop when opening menu

I have a pretty good PC, the game is running up to 100fps, but when i open the menu i have a massive fps drop.


Same here. Every menu I open basicly freezes the game for a sec or 2.

Game runs fine otherwise.

Running a 5900x + 6900xt, so thiw shouldnt be a issue. Didnt happen while playing RU.

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I’m so sorry your are experimenting massive fps drops when you open the menu.

In this case I would like to ask you to try these steps from this link in other to try to solve this issue.

Frame Rate and Performance Issues.

Also I would like to share with you this other solution one of the player in the forum post that you can try as well to see if work for you in with this issue.

Hope this information help and I will be waiting for you respond if any of this possible solutions works!. :wolf:

Changing grqphic options etc changes nothing. Same with background apps.

Like we said. Its JUST the menus. Not permanent low fps.

RU version was running juat fine.

Found this from beta, so its here since then for some players.

doesn’t work, idk why

Running the game .exe as admin solved the issue for me entirely.

not working too

Same problem

Same here the fps just drops while opening different menus

I have the same problem, does anyone have a solution?


I have the same problem here. Everytime I open any of the menus my game kinda freezes for a .2 seconds up to almost a full second sometimes.

Game runs perfectly fine on any other situation, this just happen oppening the menus.

Same problem here

same here. any solutions?

Im so happy im not the only person going through this, couldn’t find anywhere where this problem was being troubleshooted. yes its happening to me too on a beefy PC, going to try to find a solution and maybe help you guys out

How did you run the game .exe file as Admin could you explain please? When i tried it doesn’t even start

Okay actually after troubleshooting for a few hrs trying different methods shown here what it seems to be is Easy anti-cheat is taking a screenshot of your screen before opening menu’s and tabs which is pretty weird.

Someone said they were changing their priority to high to fix it that doesn’t actually work either and if you’re going out of your way to do that expect damage

Also considering how invasive this anti cheat is, do not run it in admin lmao.

Thanks for your researching effort, I’m surprised not a lot of people are talking about it. Sucks that there still isn’t a solution.


you simply select the gamefile with rightclick and there in the settings you set the mark on “execute as admin”. Then you simply start the game as you always do. (not the .exe)

Little addition as well… What massively boosted my fps (nearly 60 fps, using a rtx 3090) was setting the shadows from ultra to high. Seems like this draws massive amount of fps.

Perhaps something else worth trying. Switch from DX11 back to DX9 i have issues for some reason on D11 but this helped me, maybe it does others.

I have had the same issue since launch and have tried every possible fix found across multiple forums and still no fix. Game will micro stutter and lag when opening any menus. Very frustrating.
I’m running a 3080 Alieanware R12 with 32gigs of ram.