FPS drops (strange problem)

Hello, last week i think i have huge problem with FPS drops.
I have i5 8400 and 1070 i play on very high setting without problem on game start until last week. I try everything… change setting, lock fps, re-install drivers, turn other players skills effect. but still have drops, but now the problem become strange… this only happend when i play chaos dung or cube… ( these two are the most boring for me) but I really don’t understand where the problem may be it. On Guardian Raid,GR Event, Abyss Raid and Abyss Dung game works without single fps drop… its doesnt matter if I play on high or low setting. At least i can enjoy that part of game. Does anyone know what it could be possible wrong?

Turn off xp notifcation under chat setting.

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I go try it.

Turn off the loot notifications from your chat, that kills the game especially in chaos dungeons.

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I have an i9 12900k and 3080Ti and still get frame drops, especially when playing sorc in Chaos Dungeons. Will try with loot notifications turned off.

It was really on that fu… XP notification Thank You so much, but it insane that small banality, can make a huge diference

Nice you fix it. All chat inputs in this game kill fps, it also happens if you have a lot of people talking in normal or area chat at the same time.

Thank you so much !!! After removing EXP in chat, my dungs are so much smoooooooooth now ! Appreciated