Framedrop issues after Patch

This is more an FYI to anyone noticing similar issues to one I had and fixed through some trial and error.

I started noticing that each week after patching I was getting more and more framerate issues, thought it was just my imagination at first but the Wednesday update practically cut framerates in half, the issue seems to have been caused by removing additional language sound files from the folder a while back. Not because the files have anything to do with frames, of course, but the Easy Anti-cheat was constantly getting in the way because of validation issues.

I might be way off but its only after I fixed and restored the sound files that the issue completely vanished (after validation by steam / anti-cheat, but I had done this several times trying other fixes). If I’m right, though, is there a way to remove extra languages from the folder without getting the issue come up again? Not the end of the world if you cant but its near 20gb of dead space.

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I’ve been having the same issue. Didn’t mention it anywhere, because so far every single game issues, that I’ve bene experiencing was answered with, “It’s on your end. Update hardware drivers, downgrade hardware drivers, fix your internet, it’s you, etc etc.”

It’s been getting out of hand with the issue. And the support only replies with, “I don’t know what you are talking about” by now. Clown fiesta.