Free 10k for a team of 1415 to clear valtan

This guy doesn’t think it’s possible to beat Valtan NM with 1415 standard geared alts.

For those of you with a static and 1415 alts, here’s your chance to win 10k or even 20k.

Are you blind? It doesn’t say “wear demon blood”.

And the reason I can’t do it is because too many people are just buying busses instead of doing the content the real way.

Why does it have to be one try? What’s he trying to prove? It can be done in one try or it can be done in multiple tries. Who cares?

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Lol backing out, you are the one backing out of the deal.

If you believe the crap you are saying, it shouldn’t matter if I am the one who does it or someone else.

not sure what he meant by shit gear but party of 1415 with 3x3 engraving can clear valtan.

Cuz he was mad about people doing busses and claimed that people who do busses are only those who dont have skills. I had to explain to him that there are alts who do busses. Read the forum and ull see where his dumb ass logic comes from

He thinks that people at 1415 would have rainbow stats and engravings, as if they didn’t have the time to farm up 100 accessories by the time they got argos bussed for a month.

Like i said, show me u can beat valtan with rainbow gear n accessories with one try one clear in a pug with other 1415 alts

But u left that part out conveniently didnt u? Lol

Can you guys stop making new threads for the same discussion i can’t lean back and eat my popcorn while reading if i need do find the new thread

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tell me which part of that is a fucking invitation to the world? i CLEARLY @gewd and YOU won’t even take up the offer cuz u know u cant fuckin beat valtan at ivl with alt gear and alt party.

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because if you believed in what you said, it shouldn’t matter who it is that proves you wrong.

Also not sure how many times I have to post this.


I gotta side with Danyiel here, the deal was with you, and if you feel the need to make a new thread with a clickbait title just for the sake of some gigachad 1415 alter static group to prove your point, then it’s obvious who is backing out here… and, just in case, it isn’t Danyiel


no, ur 100% right. i need to get off this thread. this is taking too much of my time and energy. thx for the reminder.

I don’t even know what is happening I know of the OP though hes like bussing is bad cuz I can’t find groups? Shieet I make my groups all the time on my alts on valtan we do just fine sup with him lol

He addressed it to me to try and prove his point that valtan can’t be done at 1415 with mediocre gear.

If he really believe that, then it shouldn’t matter if I am the one that does it, or someone else.

They specifically dared YOU to prove it, and you are just running away from that fact, making up half-assed exuses that doesn’t justify anything

Anyways, if you choose to not admit it, I choose to not lose my time with you

Have a good dat/night

I mean, I read that thread and the OP stated he can’t get anyone to join his group because everyone is paying for busses? How can he prove that when everyone wants to pay for busses instead? This whole argument is stupid and pointless.

Also, yes, 1415 ilvl can do Valtan just fine.


Uh did you even read the thread?

This guy explains it perfectly.

And again, why does it matter if I prove it or not?

If he believes in what he’s saying then it shouldn’t matter who proves it. The dare is as stupid as the person who offered it.

What does it prove if I do it as opposed to someone else? Absolutely nothing.

I never claimed that I was the only person in the world good enough to do it.