Free carries on a daily basis

Dear Lost Ark community,

in order to help make this game more friendly and cozy I would like high ilvl players to help lower players out on a daily basis. May it just be free carries in a few yoho runs or just queuing for a challenge guardian even though you have already beat it. Ofcourse its fine to sell busses, I sometimes to that too but tbh the more you help a few lower players the longer players will stay in this game and will not be discouraged so fast.

I am offering free Velganos carries as often as possible, if somebody wants to join for a ride - write me.

Share the love :slight_smile:


Im already carrying in deskaluda every day when my alts do 50-60% of the damage


nawest, akkan.
follow me at juhburner on twitter and message me for free carries :smiley:

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I already matchmake yoho and lower to help lower ilvls almost on a daily basis.


I like :hugs::+1:

I play on EUC btw :kissing_heart:

HAHAHA, I mean I do this too pretty often for a wide variety of content starting from tier 2 guardians and all the way to Argos, but I only do that when I feel like I want to. You can’t “ask” people or expect people to do this consistently, this is childish.

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been doing that for months and wasn’t thanked once and even chastised for it so i stopped and i found a friend to trade yoho’s with, enjoy yoho jail

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my 1370 and 1415 alts still get cruel fighter on yoho and deskaluda respectively on a daily basis no thanks

I’m already doing this on my geared main/alt.

Always MM Yoho
Always MM Oreha HM Abyss
Always MM Challenge stuff

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Sorry I rather get my Yohos done in 3 minutes instead of 13 minutes.

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When I do yoho on my alt and get 57% dmg like just 5 mins ago, isn’t that helping them?

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