Free Character slot?

Will we be getting a free character slot for this or do we need to buy one?


No, and yes.

no we’re not getting a free character slot with arcanist. and not sure if we’ll get one on the next class release either.

Why would we get one?

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i think because we got a free character slot last time people thought we should get a free character slot on every class release :woman_shrugging:

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No, why ?

Yes, of course !

Right, so just people being entitled then.

or just got the wrong idea.

Wait, wha-? We got a free character slot???

yeah not sure how long has it been or i’m just high af and confused the character slot i got from platinum pack and thought we got a free one with some class release. i might go with “being high”

… Well I hope it’s from the Plat. pack, and I didn’t just miss a free slot :rofl:

No free character slots have been given at all. The current is 6 and HAS been 6 since launch. They increased the total character slots you can have from 12 to 18 but you are still only given the 6 free starter slots.

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ok thanks for confirming that. so i was confusing that with the platinum pack character slot.

Unless you spent money on the game. There are no additional free Character Slot then the beginning 6 you start with. (haven’t heard of them giving any free character slots in any of the other regions as far as I am aware, but I could be wrong)

Note: there is always the option to Delete an alt and play a new class if you filled your beginning 6 slots.

Okay that’s why I asked a question. I was curious. Wasn’t assuming anything or feeling entitled. I can simply delete a character but wanted confirmation first

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i got 2 character slots for free.

To be fair, I think it’s a question because in some games, new classes come with character expansions, free or with in game currency. Not all games but ya know… sometimes it happens…

Yeah that’s why I was simply asking. I ended up with a character slot from somewhere and I didn’t buy it. I just wanted to double check

you didn’t buy a pack either?

I bought the starter pack with the game. Is that how?