Free Founder Packs on Monday

So if I understood right if we reedem our Founders before February 12th we will get a free Untradable copy of the Founders Pack we reedemed?

So in my case I will get a free copy of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum?

just posted the same question.
i would like to know too.
is it only available for you if you change servers or will everyone be able to redeem it even if you stay on your server?
cause that would be amazing cause i chose the wrong colors and cant change it…

I redeem mine founder pack mails on game, they are on inventory, i dont open them, i am keeping for choose which class i like more. Am i get second founder skins or i need to open founder pack on inventory too?

They acting careless on this situation. Support must be open and clear. I claim mine founder pack mails, they are on inventory and wait for future open. Problem is there is new servers and a lot of friend play on new server. If i go new server all of my founder packs stay on other server.

Let me try to explain to you guys…

@nator316 You will a copy of ALL the founder packs you bought, but with some changes, everything will be untradeable, and you will not receive the currency’s (chests of consumable itens, granades, silver, etc)

@Ultimate You only need to redeem it from the PRODUCT INVENTORY (SHOP INVENTORY).

@Snowclaw if u choose to stay in your server, you will get the packs too, getting twice the itens, except founder title (1 time use) and wallpaper. Thats the reason the skins are UNTRADEABLE in this ‘‘free’’ pack, so people wont be able to sell them cause they got 2 now…

All this information is in the FORUM in other topics, and oficial news if u read it all.

Also, there’s no specific date set for this 2nd pack arriving, everyone MUST redeem from the product inventory their packs today, to get the other pack.

I hope i helped u guys, if theres any other question, feel free to ask.


That’s what the 2nd pack of each founder contains…

Bronze Pack
  • Founder’s Title*
  • Founder’s Exclusive Pet (Untradeable)
Silver Pack
  • Founder’s Title*
  • 150 Royal Crystals
  • Founder’s Exclusive Pet (Untradeable)
Gold Pack
  • Founder’s Title*
  • 500 Royal Crystals
  • Founder’s Exclusive Pet (Untradeable)
  • Northern Lawmaker Skin (Untradeable)
Platinum Pack
  • Founder’s Title*
  • 1,000 Royal Crystals
  • Founder’s Exclusive Pet (Untradeable)
  • Northern Lawmaker Skin (Untradeable)
  • Founder’s Platinum Skin (Untradeable)
  • Founder’s Exclusive Mount (Untradeable)
  • Platinum Welcome Crate (Untradeable)
    • Founder’s Exclusive Wallpaper*
    • Founder’s Exclusive Structure
    • Legendary Rapport Gift Selection Chest
    • Launch Limited Card Pack

Thanks Yiaz,

I also posted a few questions just recently, as it was vague from the post if we’re actually getting the entire pack + bonuses, or just the bonuses on top of what we currently have.

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You get exactly what is said in each of the pack’s above.

Choosing to stay in the server or moving to another one, doesn’t matter.

Thanks alot.
It was very confusing for me the way they wrote about it thats why i had to ask again to not spread false information and get a more easier to understand answer about this topic.

Im trying to understand that as good as i possibly can in a easier wrote way cause english is not my main language sorry :smiley:

wich is your main language?

@Roxx Perhaps they should extend the date, cant even claim my packs due the queues >_<

Why aren’t we getting our healing pot chests? Makes little sense. :frowning: