FREE GIVE AWAY – NA East Server Gold Give Away, Galataur Server Mats, Accessories, Gems, and Other Goodies!

Edit 2: Apparently the AH is region locked as well, so for the Gold give away via AH, you’d still have to be on NA East server. Sorry if there was any confusion.
Edit: Since people may be confused. Just copy pasta your response to the below in this thread and I’ll add you to the spreadsheet:

Suggested show/anime:
Suggested Steam Game:

Table of Contents
Reason for Leaving
Contest Rewards and Categories
Contest Rules


Hello everyone! Although I am leaving the game, instead of just uninstalling, letting everything I’ve grinded for go to waste, I figured I’d give back to the community that, for the most part, made my experience a positive one. With that being said, if you just want to know how to enter the contest to have a chance of winning, you can skip to the “Contest Rules” section. If you’d like to read about my opinions and general experience, feel free to read the next section. It’s mainly long wall of text though… Good luck to everyone who enters the contest!

REASON FOR LEAVING (feel free to skip)

tl;dr - I’m not the most experienced MMO player. After playing New World, a friend suggested we move to Lost Ark. I looked at vids on Youtube and being a support player, wanted to play bard and artist. With this in mind, my friends and I got the bronze founder pack to play LA. One friend in my group wanted to play support so I played DB to let her have her preferred role. Then they all quit. So I, at a much later point, rerolled my main into Bard as I originally like to play support. I’m fine with the mechanics of LA and don’t FOMO anything. I just don’t want to wait 10 months to play another support class, given it was part of my interest when I first decided to jump into LA with my friends initially. Not mad. It is what it is. I still think LA is a great game.

Background: So I wouldn’t call myself an MMO veteran. I played FFXIV for a week before quitting because I feel the system didn’t explain things well to someone who has never touched a MMO. Then I played WOW Classic for months up to lvl 59, one level below max at the time, due to my friend, who asked me to play, not playing much. World PvP also wrecked me since it made questing difficult, plus as a newbie to MMOs, I had pretty much no PvP experience. Then I moved onto New World where I had a consistent small group. We were probably in the top 10% on our server given we stuck with the game, but we eventually left due to lack of content plus content being gated by small cliques; faction vs faction (wars) and invasions (PvE) were limited player spots to those small cliques even though I was better geared than some players. Otherwise, top 5% of players would be picked to play those modes, making it inaccessible to majority of players, myself included.

That’s when one of my friends suggested giving Lost Ark a try. So I watched videos on Lost Ark. I saw all the different classes, some of the raids, and it looked cool. I researched supports for Lost Ark since I play support in most multiplayer games. I played white mage for the 1 week of FFXIV, healer in NW, mained Sona, Lulu, and Leona when I used to play League of Legends. I gravitated towards Bard and Artist from the random YT vids I saw, but ended up picking Deathblade due to a friend in my group wanting to play Bard… Then they all quit due to IRL commitments. Fair enough. I parked my DB at 1395 and spent months making Bard alts to reroll my main, with the hopes of eventually rerolling into Artist due to the uniqueness, style, and motif of that support role. Paladins, bards, and white mages are classic support/healer archetypes but an artist as a support is very different.

Reason for leaving: I started playing LA with the hopes of playing my preferred class within a reasonable time, since I later learned not all classes were available upon coming to the West. Although I would not mind waiting 3-4 months from now for my preferred class to release, waiting 10 months is a bit too long for me. It is what it is. AGS/SG are gonna do what they want, but it’s way too long for me to keep grinding away on 1 out of 2 support classes that I want to play. Keep in mind that I only bought the founders pack for LA with the intention of playing support; playing DB was just a consequence of letting a friend play her preferred role.

I never felt FOMO when Argos came out. I never felt FOMO with Valtan. I don’t feel FOMO with Vykas coming out. I don’t mind honing at all. I dislike the bots but I can tolerate it, perhaps because they haven’t caused a queue on my server. My condolences to those who are stuck because of the bots. But I would rather slowly grind away to reach that content with class I’d want to stick with. I would rather play artist and grind away for 2-3 months to reach Valtan, as opposed to wait 10 months but go through all raids, potentially up to Brelshaza, with bard. My DB could have been Valtan ready upon release, but instead, I used her farmed mats to get my main Bard caught up.

Also, even with other DPS classes being released as content, as a support player, these new DPS class release means nothing to me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they exist so the community as a whole can be happy. I do enjoy seeing variety of DPS to support. I personally love seeing soulfists and artillerists in my party to support. I understand the game doesn’t revolve around me, which is fine. The time span of 10 months for 1 more support role for me to try out is just too long for someone who only plays support.

Now, I could save my stuff and come back later, but my personal preference is to not come back to something I leave. If I like a game enough, I’ll stick with it. I never complained about honing rates, stone luck, pheons, or the grind in general. However, in 10 months from now, when there are more raids requiring higher iLVL, it’s gonna be more difficult to get artist up to par with the newest content. Honing rates will probably be less than 5% at that time. Even if I were to just push my main Bard to newest content level while stockpiling mats, I find it hard to believe that I could get my artist caught up. Again, I’d rather be behind on raids while grinding out artist, as opposed to completing content on just my bard. I was planning keeping my bard high enough to eventually complete the newest content while having my alts store mats for artist. I would then power level artist to catch up with my bard. In 10 months from now, even with a power pass to 1415 and a potential honing buff to 1460, the honing rates and the mats needed seem daunting to have a brand new character catch up to a main. Some people may argue that there’s no way of knowing if I’ll enjoy playing artist, but I’ll have no way of knowing in the near future. They say variety is the spice of life but unfortunately there’s not much variety when it comes to the support department.

In the end, it is my own expectations that are my undoing and I acknowledge that. When my friend first suggested we move to LA, it was my own research on the game and the excitement to play both bard and artist that led me to getting the bronze pack to give the game a try. With artist being 10 months away, I don’t feel like sticking with the game, given the reason I wanted to try it to begin with, is not available to me within a reasonable timeline to me personally.

Also, as much as I was looking forward to playing artist, to my other artist enthusiasts, please don’t spam the forums with low effort “artist when” posts. As much as I would advocate for artist release, you’re kinda ruining the image for those excited for the class. Nuanced posts, suggestions, and theories are fine, but even I started to get sick of seeing people hijack unrelated threads, trying to make it all about artist. It’s like vegans. No cares if you’re a vegan and would support your free choice to be one, but if you go into every food establishment demanding a vegan menu, it starts to get on everyone’s nerves.

With that all being said, I feel no hate towards AGS/SG or the CMs. CMs just be doing their job. I think it’s cool that they actually got to fly all the way to Korea! I’ve always thought that if you don’t like the game, then just quit. I gotta stick by my own words, which is what I’m gonna do. I still think LA is a great game for what it’s worth. I hope my resources can help others enjoy it too!


Please keep in mind the values listed below may be higher than posted, as I grind out my last finals days before the contest ends.

Category 1: Gold
Category 2: Honing Mats
Category 3: Deathblade Accessories
Category 4: Deathblade Gems
Category 5: Bard Accessories
Category 6: Bard Gems
Category 7: Ability Stones
Category 8: Other

Category 1: Gold
85,563 Gold

Category 2: Honing Material

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 up to 1370 Tier 3 1370+
Guardian Stones 4431 3283 30235
Destruction Stones 1705 1171 23346
Leapstones 185 134 186 101
Armor Book 1
Weapon Book 1
Honing Fusion Mat 216 292
Solar Grace 24
Solar Blessing 11
Solar Protection 2

24 Honor Shard Pouch (S)
28 Honor Shard Pouch (M)

Category 3: Deathblade Accessories

Necklace Earring Ring
Amb Mas 2 / Surge 3 / ATK -3 / Qual 78 Adr 2 / Surge 3 / ATK S -1 / Qual 100 Adr 3/ Amb Mas 3 / ATK S -2 / Qual 6
Adr 2 / Amb Mas 2 / Def -2 / Qual 22 Amb Ma 2 / ATK S -1/ Qual 2

Category 4: Deathblade Gems

T3 Gems for DB Quantity T2 Gems for DB Quantity
Lvl 1 6 2
Lvl 2 4 1
Lvl 3 7 1
Lvl 4 6 4
Lvl 5 8 7
Lvl 6 2 1
Lvl 7 1 1

Category 5: Bard Accessories

Necklace Earring Ring
Heavy Armor 3 / Reflux 3 / Def -1 / Qual 90 Heavy Armor 3 / Awakening 3 / ATK P -2 / Qual 24 Desp Salv 3 / Vital PH 3 / Def -2 / Qual 76
Heavy Armor 3 / Awakening 3 / ATK S -2 / Qual 29 Desp Salv 3 / Vital PH 3 / Move -1 / Qual 78

Don’t judge the necklace haha. My ability stone was bad, but this setup was enough for 33311 Desperate salvation, Heavy Armor, Awakening, 1 Expert, 1 VPH.

Category 6: Bard Gems

T3 Gems for Bard Quantity T2 Gems for Bard Quantity
Lvl 1 2 2
Lvl 2 1 2
Lvl 3 1 6
Lvl 4 6 3
Lvl 5 3 7
Lvl 6 4 3
Lvl 7 1 1

Category 7: Ability Stones

Heavy Armor / Barricade
Heavy Armor / All out ATK
Expert / Crushing Fist
Grudge / Necromancy
Raid Captain / Ambush Master
Cursed Doll / Increase Mass
Awakening / Master of Escape
Heavy Armor / Emergency Rescue
Awakening / Fortitude
Awakening / Hit Master
Grudge / Hit Master
Expert / Magick Stream
Expert / Propulsion
Heavy Armor / Divine Protection
Awakening / Fortitude
Heavy Armor / Fortitude
Expert / Master Brawler
Awakening / Preemptive Strike
Heavy Armor / Crisis Evasion
Expert / Master of Escape
Expert / Hit Master
Expert / Crushing Fist
Expert / Master of Escape

Category 8: Other

Green / Purple Engraving Books x 30+
Lego Engraving (Strong Will, Max MP up, Enhanced Shield, Preemptive Strike) T^T

Resource Normal Uncommon Rare
Mining 430 785 228
Hunting 1237 1575 (920) 50
Fishing 2265 3173 (75) 1100
Excavating 3563 32 525


The contest will run from today (June 08, 2022) and end in 1 week (June 15, 2022). It may take a day or two for me to contact winners and mail everything.

Please note that some categories may cost pheons to claim. If you win a category that may cost pheons to claim, you can pick and choose which items you want me to send to you. You can claim 1 item or all; it’s up to you.

Example: You win category 6: ability stones. You can claim only the adrenaline/grudge stones and I will only mail those stones to you. Or if you want, you can claim all the ability stones and I will mail all the stones to you.


  1. You must be human. If I suspect you are a botter or your character is a bot for farming, I won’t be considering you.
  2. You must be on the Galataur server for all entries EXCEPT for category 1: Gold. Unfortunately I cannot mail items to other servers.
  3. For deathblade and bard accessories/gems, you must be of that respective class. I would rather the items be of use to that class as opposed to being sold for gold. If you still sell it for gold, I can’t control that however.
  4. 1 entry per person. Please don’t use multiple alts to enter contest.
  5. You may apply to win multiple categories but you can only claim 1. If you somehow win multiple categories, I’ll let you pick which one you want to claim. Sharing is caring.
  6. You must be iLVL 1300+
  7. To enter you must post your character name in-game AND a screenshot of your character profile. I will be looking at roster level, stronghold name, stronghold level, and character class to make sure you’re not a bot, an alt resulting in a same stronghold name, and eligible for class bound accessory/gem category.
    — a. You must post which categories you want to partake in. You can partake in multiple categories but only win 1.
    — b. You must suggest a game on Steam for me to play that you enjoy and/or suggest a show/anime that you enjoy. I’ll have more free time, so I’d like suggestions on what to play or watch next hahahaha.
  8. If you win Category 1: Gold and are NOT on the Galataur server, you will have to contact me here or via DM at Reddit (username: Soluna7827) so that we can coordinate how to get you the gold via auction house i.e. you list an item that I will purchase for all my gold.
  9. In the extremely unlikely event that the class release cadence is changed to something I can tolerate, I’ll renege on this contest and raffle off 6,000 gold instead. 3000 to first place, 2000 to second place, and 1000 to third place. I honestly might just continue to give stuff away anyway since I haven’t really touched LA for 4-5 days now.

I will be entering all participants in an excel sheet. I will then use a RNG to pick a number and whoever is in that row in my excel sheet will be the winner. I’ll reach out to you via DM or by responding to you post. I’ll be posting winners so if you win, please respond to that post so I can easily find you. We can then coordinate what you want me to send you if pheons are required to claim items. Good luck to everyone!

Example of Entry Application:

IGN: Ariademezzo
Category: 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8
Suggested show/anime: Stranger Things Season 4 (already binged it), Ijiranaide Nagatoro-san (on my watch list)
Suggested Steam game: Mass Effect Triology (probably the last greatest series I’ve played on Steam), Subnautica, Octopath Traveler
Screenshot of Character Profile:

Entry form copy pasta

Suggested show/anime:
Suggested Steam Game:
Screenshot of character profile:


Don’t want / care about the giveaway, just wanted to recommend a manga and steam game :^)

Blade of the immortal is a wonderful seinen that more people should know, be wary that has some gory fights. There is also a rather short anime too, but it doesn’t go very far.

Wildermyth is an amazing CRPG with randomized storytelling, it has tons of campaigns to play, good modding community and extensive work from devs to this day. Definitely give it a try if you like storytelling and CRPGS (turn based)

its a bummer seeing someone leave a game, but i hope that you find more enjoyment somewhere else ^^


I understand why u quitting maybe i will be the next one have good luck in ur next game


Wow a free giveaway it sounds like a great way to get free stuff. Where do I sign up I mean I might get the risk of a ban or suspension but hey if rmt and bot users can thrive I don’t see a problem why this wouldn’t work. Yes an advertisement like this should work really nice. Yeah I’m not doing this. I’m not that much of a daredevil to do this. Someone else can take this. Be my guest and take the prize.

Sorry to see you go but I didn’t read any of this. Can I still have your gold before you go? Thanks

I don’t want your gold

I didn’t read your thread

I assume it’s very cringy and is directly related to Roxx commenting that a stronghold honing buff that is never included with Vykass, was again, not included with Vykass.

Honing buff gets added with Clown, you absolute clown.

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@Laxx I thought they said we have to catch up with content
Did i miss something or they are clowns just like you?


Though it may sound exciting with an idea of give a way event I find this situation very sad.

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ru and jp got it with vykas so you seem like the clown xD

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Fair enough though I don’t think giving stuff away should be actionable. It’s not RMT since there’s no IRL money being involved. I’m literally just giving stuff away before my account lays to rest but if you want to play it safe, I wouldn’t blame ya. If you change your mind, just post here. Cheers!

hum… nowhere the message is directed to roxx or devs
nowhere there is complain about the honing buff or the honing search.

conclusion ?

Next time, ignore OR take time to read the post before such post v_v"


IGN: Drudia
Category: Catagory 1: Gold
Suggested show/anime: Short/Emotional ride Re-Creators
Suggested Steam Game: Hades
Screenshot of character profile:

I’m sorry Lost Ark failed to keep you, I understand that waiting for classes is frustrating
If you do happen to change your mind and stay then null my entry
(I think it’s very nice of you even to offer it in the first place)
Much love from one support to another


so many people are agreeing this even in artist enjoyers :wink:

A excellent game can be wasted by an awfull management, your post shows it. for the class topic the management is a disaster. . . sadly.

you have to be praised to spend the time for this giveaway also :wink:
I wish you a good road in another virtual worlds…
MMORPG are a greate genre, but those last 10 years… the transformation was not in a good way…

i don’t want to be in the giveaway, (trixion EUC here :’) )
But i would suggest you 3 mmorpg that, maybe, could entice you enough :


i don’t know enough ESO and SWTOR to speak about them

But for gw2, there are many way to play each class, it would maybe allow you to find a way to enjoy the game with any class you chose.
The game is f2P and i discovered it 2 years ago, i went up to max lvl without paying anything, enjoying the game a lot, i bought both expansion but after reaching level max, just to continue the story and see more region. so don’t fear to give a try that would be a waste of money.
If you are curioous about this last, but not sure what class to chose, my private messages are open.


has anyone read any of this? bro wrote a bloody ebook lol

IGN: Mëgan
Category: 1, 2, 8
Suggested show/anime: Arcane (a must watch), shadow house (anime; new season in july; thriller/mystery, I don’t want to give too much away but its a creepy/dark story), Uramichi Oniisan (“based on the dark comedy manga by Gaku Kuze about a young man who can’t help letting his grim and pessimistic personality show through despite his role as a gymnastics teacher on a children’s TV program”)
Suggested Steam Game: if you like action RPGs/new communities: V rising (still in early access/beta) if you like loot 'em shooters: risk of rain 2 or tiny tinas wonderland (not out on steam yet; EGS), if you like rouge-like deck building card games: slay the spire, monster train. similar to mass effect/fall-out: the outer worlds (super under-rated RPG shooter), similar to ooctopath/one of my top 3 fav games: Divinity: Original Sin 2 (turn-based gameplay, super engaging story and the most replayable RPGs I’ve played, great with friends or solo). My #1 rec from steam Remnant: From the Ashes. Rouge-like shooter, great replayability, fun solo or in a group, creepy/dark aesthic/story, one of the most underrated games IMO. If ur a sussy baka: among us
Screenshot of character profile:


First off this idea is SICK! When I quit MMOs I always give away stuff in a similar fashion. I’ve never seen anyone do it this way though, community involvement even when you are pushed to the point of quitting. Awesome!

IGN: Hollowsloth - NA East / Avesta
Category: 1 - Pushin alts!
Suggested show/anime: One Piece is a huge time commitment, but it is such an immersive world with some of the best story telling out there. Recommend both the anime and the manga! You will catch up quicker with the manga lol. Also Solo Leveling is a GREAT read! It’s sort of set up like an MMO. And as a few others have said, Arcane :slight_smile:
Suggested Steam Game: Vampire Survivors is highly addicting, Persona 5 is one of my top 10 games that I recommend to everyone. If you like anime, you will love persona 5! Valheim is great if you haven’t played it, viking style survival game.
Screenshot of character profile: 1700 hours and counting!


I Will repost later for my Entry, i wanted to say tho that I appreciated reading your post since it was well done with no unnecessary thing in it and also respectful. (Which we dont get so often on this forum lol.)

Regardless of if i Win or not, you can add me to your roster friend list. I dont plan on leaving the game anytime soon and having more supports Friend is always a + lol. If you ever comeback to the game, I’ll be Glad to help you get up-to-date.

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What? Do u at least made a research or asked to someone that was in russia or jp servers? They got it with vykas

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IGN: Blasted
Category: 1
Suggested show/anime:

  • Noragami (Anime) → light hearted fantasy anime, great characters, great anime and manga
  • Haikyuu (Anime) → you’ve probably heard of this one, light hearted sports anime, really great character development, I got really attached to some chars
  • Twenty-Five Twenty-One (K-drama) → honestly gave me Haikyuu vibes, a nice casual watch but will also hit some emotional points
  • All Of Us Are Dead (K-Drama) → kinda your typical zombie apocalypse show, but revolves around teens, some of the characters are just really well done
  • You (TV show) → I’ve never felt so frustrated and angry at a show before, yet I still sat down and binged everything anyways…

Suggested Steam Game: (Most of these are pretty popular, hopefully theres something new for you)

  • DMC5 → a really cool and satisfying hack and slash game, it felt too short tbh. But there are more difficult modes for replayability
  • Transistor → action RPG with a lot of love put into the environment, the art and the music of the game. The combat doesn’t reinvent the wheel but it’s still very enjoyable, some cool skills and mechanics
  • Oxygen Not Included → colony management sim, you’re basically tasked to keep your people (called duplicants) alive in a random asteroid they got teleported to. A looooot of expansions I can barely keep up
  • Warframe → most people claim as f2p Destiny 2. Basically a hack and slash looter shooter game where you can join players in 4 man instanced missions. You just have to try the combat and movement for yourself, it’s built diff

Screenshot of character profile: