Free Parking Recruiting! Avesta NA East

Guild Name: Free Parking

Server: NA East - Avesta

Point of Contact: plasmabolt13#3157 on discord
IGN: Tayfalos

Hey everyone! Free Parking is looking for members to join us on the endgame grind train. We comprise primarily of 25-35 year old working adults, both M and F. Some members put in 6+ hours a day, but everyone plays at least 1-2. More of a focus on PVE. We mostly play in the evenings after work. If this sounds like you, please join us!

We do our best to include people in all runs, but due to the limited nature of daily and weekly run limits not all members will be doing runs after they hit their limits. Thus we are trying our best to make sure all members are a good fit, and can play evenings, We dont want anyone to feel left out. This will maximize the chance of running with guildies.

Please shoot me a message on discord if this interests you.