Free Powerpasses

I didn’t seem to get any of the powerpasses in the storyline?

I’m all the way up to the required 600 item level quest and i never received any golden tickets or anything in my mail to claim nor have any powerpass banked…

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in the mailbox ? when u end the north vern quest powerpass coming to the mailbox

Nope never saw it in the mailbox, isn’t there now. Checked my bank, double checked it wasn’t already applied etc.

ok , than just go to the support , if u dont get it and dont use it this is a bUg

Hi @stumpy1718 and @BLooDS

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I’m so sorry for the issue you are having with your power pass doesn’t appear in the mailbox.

Like @BLooDS says in that case you have to contact to live support channel in order to report this and create a ticket to the devs team to resolve this issue and you get the email to claim the power pass.

Here is the link to contact live support channel:

Contact us

Hope this information help you! :wolf:

Did you complete the North Vern storyline up to the Ealyn’s Gift quest? You have to hand that in to trigger the powerpass.