Free Punika Growth Support pack not ther

Heya! i just used my punika powerpass which i was waiting a whole bunch to use … now im 100% sure i meet the requriements to get the punika growth support pack hence i literally started playing like 27Days ago … Yet when i boosted my glavier as of now i didnt get a growth support pack … am i missing something?

it takes 24 to 48 hours according to customer support.

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Hello @mitjakolaric and thank you @Rocksolid for your input,

Thank you for your questions regarding Power Pass / Support Package availability. Free Power passes should already be showing in your accounts.

In regards to the “Punika Growth Support pack” specifically, this will be delivered to your Universal Storage (Sub-Menu under Guide) eventually if you were one of the players that:
1- Completed a quest to earn a free Power Pass (Ealyn’s Gift or Berver’s Friend) between July 23rd and when free Power Passes were re-enabled.
2- Have an unused free Power Pass and actively logged in between July 23rd and when free Power Passes were re-enabled.

If still not showing for you, please allow up to 48 hours and check with the above criteria again. If not there at that point, do not hesitate reaching back so we may check further on this for you.

Hope this clarifies the situation for you and see you in Arkesia! :wolf:


cheers @Rocksolid and @Fenrirskoll ! have a good one :smiley:

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Heyy @Fenrirskoll ! Still no growth support pack … i believe it has been 48Hrs

Hey there @mitjakolaric

Here’s the latest update regarding the Punika growth support packs:

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hello, good afternoon, could you confirm if the Free Powerpass can be used in the launch of the new class on the 28th of September?

Still haven’t received the growth support pack

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Powerpass expires the same day the new class comes out, so no.

When it says “let us know”, do we just post to you?

It’s 1.5 hrs before the end of the day/midnight here and i’ve yet to receive the growth pack (NAE Elzowin).

I had my powerpass unused and unclaimed in my mailbox until you guys posted that you had reactivated them.

Hello Arkesians,

Thank you for following up on this thread. Please note the roll out for the Punika Growth Pack was concluded on August 19th and all free power passes should now be available. If you are missing any of these and meet qualification criteria, please submit your data via the following link for review Contact Us | Amazon Games. (Do not post it in the forums).

I will close this thread to avoid multiple entries on the same matter.

Good luck and see you in Arkesia! :wolf: