Free Punika Pass - Expires or not?

The announcement article said the pass would expire at the end of September, which matched what the Punika Pass item showed in inventory. Once registered, however, it shows in Character Select as having no expiration date.

So just to make sure I don’t end up losing it before deciding what to use it on, can anyone clarify whether the claimed pass will expire in September or not?

the free pass will not be available for the next class release

It currently is set to expire on September 28th

Okay, thanks. :slight_smile:

You guys might want to change the log in screen then, because every time i log in it says “EVENT PASS - EXPIRES NEVER”…


it still say this on log in screen

Okay, can you please clarify if this particular Powerpass can be used on a Machinist, or will it be removed from the Total Pass Count on 9/28?

I understood it as the literal ticket item in the in-game inventory having an expiration date. After redeeming or using the ticket, the Powerpass should be usable indefinitely, right?

The official stance is that the free pass can be used until maintenance on 28th of September.
Then after maintenance we have Machinierer.
Asked if you can use it and then have it applied on account for use after they say it gets removed.
Asked if you can do it on a male gunner and keep it in trixion they say you can not.

But people do kinda expect the last part to work.
Just that it now seems less 100% for sure.