Free Punika Powerpass expiration date removed?

So as said in the title, I was wondering because I think the first one was limited in time (tho I may be wrong), I would just want a confirmation : is the new “repaired” free Punika powerpass enabled without time restriction ? (would love to use it on scouter)

If it was it isnt supposed to be as they originally said it will expire before Scouter release. With that said you can make a gunner and use it on him and just not do your class selection until after scouter is out

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I was wondering because of this, and if they really mean to make it expire that’s really confusing :stuck_out_tongue:

It will expire on set day. Feiton pass was the same, said no expiration in game but the expiration date was announced multiple times on patch notes, forum posts etc.

Damn, thanks for clarifying :slight_smile:

Confirming that the Punika Powerpass is still set to expire on September 28th, prior to the update that happens on that day. Unfortunately the lack of expiration date shown in-game is an error.

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Can anyone confirm this actually works?

I sure hope so because that’s what I did

Yea can we please get some in
Fo on his, i would use the ticket on lvl 1 gunner as well and then create a scouter. I dont want to risk the pass dissappearing after update tho and then its wasted

I also did it now. Lots of Hopium…

The pass won’t disappear. It is already applied to your character, even when you haven’t picked an advanced class.

You might REAAAAALLY want to have it fixed (it has been mentioned countless time), or put a big disclaimer somewhere, as it’s a very good way to make a lot of people terribly angry (and rightly so) when their “No expiring” powerpasses, you know…suddenly expire.

Just saying.


you sure? i believe ive ehard before that few months ago someone tryd this with another class used powerpass on the char and when the update came and it should ahve been expired they werent able to use the powerpass on that character theyve used it on.