Free Punika Powerpass not working

I received the Punika Breakthrough Powerpass and used the ticket to add it to my account, but when I go to the character selection screen and try to use it on my newly created Wardancer it doesn’t show up as an option at all, it only shows the paid Powerpasses you buy with Royal Crystals.
I’ve used free Punika Powerpasses before in the past (the one they gave out on Arcanist’s release) so I’m 100% sure I have all the prerequisite quests. Has anyone else had this issue?

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I’m sorry that the free Punika pass isn’t working, In regards to the “Punika Growth Support pack” specifically, this will be delivered to your Universal Storage eventually if you were one of the players that:

1- Completed a quest to earn a free Power Pass (Ealyn’s Gift or Berver’s Friend) between July 23rd and when free Power Passes were re-enabled.

2- Have an unused free Power Pass and actively logged in between July 23rd and when free Power Passes were re-enabled.

Having in mind that information; we like to take a closer look into this issue with you, when you have a chance, please use the link here to speak with our Customer Service team:

Contact Us | Amazon Games

Also please make sure you send this link to the agent so we can help you to investigate this issue, also give them all the information needed. And please let me know how was it!

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I didn’t realize you had to select the paid Powerpass option and then it would let you use the free one instead. I think it worked differently in the past (before paid Powerpasses were introduced) so I was confused about the new method.

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I had a similar issue. When I went to use my free powerpass, it instead spent the royal crystals I had on my account and the free powerpass is still there. Is there a way to refund the royal crystals and take the free pass off my account instead? I had not intended to use the royal crystals for a powerpass.

People very often gets confused on how to use the the free passes.
Fell free to use the images I provided on this post to help people understand how to use it.