Free server transfer -- the only adequate solution to this queue fiasco

I applaud you that you made character names and guild names region-wide. This allows for absolutely painless server transfers! :slight_smile:
Now, let’s face it, the overloaded servers should have been locked earlier so that it wouldn’t get to the point where there are 3-5 hour queues. The only adequate remedy now seems to be to offer a free server transfer to anyone on the most overloaded servers.


Its been stated many times it is not an option at the moment. AGS only host the game they don’t own the code and cannot make changes as its not their game. They are working with the developer SG to try and implement it but it does not exist in our live release at present.

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Compared to the immense complexity of the game, something like a transfer of one character to another server should be a fairly trivial thing to implement. Unless it’s so-called spaghetti code.

With how engrained roster items are into character progression, transferring just a single char should be all but impossible. And roster transfer is significantly more complex then you make it sound.

My guess is even if Smilegate prioritizes it, it’ll be quite a few months before anything happens on that front. The new region they’re opening will likely take a week or two, and won’t really alleviate the burden either, since most people will not switch due to losing progress and paid content.

Meaning the queues will remain like this until enough people have quit the game.