Free solution to the botting issue

Here’s your solution to the botting issue, target the customer base, ie those that engage in rmt. Catch them and get rid of the gold in their accounts sending them to gold purgatory in negative values. This has been done on KR before don’t see why it isn’t possible. Hurting the customers is far more effective than the infinite suppliers. It would discourage people from buying gold and therefore create far less incentive for these gold sellers to bot.

They already did that lol.


Almost all of the major RMT buyers got a 3 day suspension and the gold taken away… Some of them were permanently banned, including a streamer AFAIK.

No one cares. I don’t see any staff here in the forum, it’s Saturday. You are just talking to a wall.

then why did you reply with the most burner acc name jfc dont talk its ok to just scroll past

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seems to have been a one off event and they dont seem to be actively hunting the buyers afaik, alot of the bots are on mari/valtan because thats where many of the rmt buyers are.

Yeah, It was when they did the “Ban wave” in March. I don’t think they’ve taken any similar large actions recently. Unfortunately these problems are not simple to solve, since they are evolving problems.