Free TIPs for DEVS! Improving Game Quality!

i want to give u some feedback and tips for future of the game.

Queue times and Servers

Well tbh i expected smthing like this considering hype around the game.
I also know that u vreating more servers but that wont fix problem!
Ez fix? Share Characters across servers. In the end when u go for Random group finder for what ever u will be in party w ppl from diff servers so whats the point not being able to log your character on free server?
Fix No.2
Make game playable in offline mode atleast untill u reach lvl 50. Until that moment there is no need for you to be in party anyways! So if ppl will be able to reach lvl 50 offline it will lower fattigue on servers.

I know there is lot of ppl that loves main story, but there are also those like me, who dont care about story, cutscenes etc. So why we have to watch it even for 1st time? In many cases they have no sense and just make u waist time. Fantastic example: When u get to Luteran castle. U give flag to King and that Cutscene after? Whats the point in wathing that long cinematic?

More lvling ways
U might consider give ppl more ways to rach 5O.
As i said before lot of ppl dont care about story. I will rotate Chaos dung for 19h/day but i hate Quest! Give me hundreds billions of mobs to kill and i will. But Q lines like thoseā€¦ Suffering!

U should give ppl ways how to get Pheons free or remove them.
Because of this u will loose lot of ppl, cuz they will say its P2W.
Trust me 100% on this one.

Money shop
Lower prices! Check Russian servers. Crystals are much cheaper than here.
Also remember good old saying!
U will make more selling Toyotas than Cadillacs!

Never stop
Dont get game in state like on RU.
There were events every week and then it started to fade. W fading stuff like that will player base fade.

THX for reading THIS!
if u want more just contact me :slight_smile: