Free2pay BTW AGS host free buffet feeding for whales

AGS letting their RMT whales eat and eat and eat.


“If something is free, you are the product.”

psh this guy is a peasant, saw a RMTer with +25 on all 3 of their relic pieces today 1532, hid their glow as well wonder if hes afraid that he might catch too many reports with it on

not sure why they dont do anything about them, players like this are walking advertisements for RMT, sad thing is i know a few by name and still see them playing weeks after reporting to support with pictures, does nothing


Saw a zerker on my server with similar.

Chiaen or something.

Does nothing because as long as they spend some of their money on royal crystals, they aren’t going to be perma banned.

I’ve only seen whale zerkers lmao
For every 10 5^3 engravings lv10 gamers I see
Only 1 isn’t a monkey brain

You cant buy full set of lvl 10 gems and enogh mats to hone +25 weapons. Nice one g2g enjoyer.


You absolutely can lol.

The cap is like $1000 a day, so at this point they could have whaled $120,000, which is like 20-30 MILLION GOLD.

On top of naturally generated mats.

And then on top of that, you can make a significant amount of money flipping. For example, Cerberus chests were like 20k in the first few weeks, and then went up to 200k. If you bought gold right away and invested in cerberus chests you could make shitloads. Same with inflated mat costs when bots were pumping tons of gold into the economy. Large T2 bags went from 200g to 1k at one point. GHL went from 300g to 1k at one point.

Also level 10 gems were literally a money printer like 2 weeks ago. 3 level 9 gems cost 300k, but a level 10 damage sold for 500k and a level 10 CD sold for 200k. This meant if you had enough capital to mitigate bad luck you could just spam fuse level 10 gems making an average of +100k every time.

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$400 a day since 2 months ago. Steam’s default limit is $1000 a day but Lost Ark limited it via their in-game cash shop to $400.

But couldn’t you get your friends or alt accounts to spend 400 each day and just send the gold to you?

Yup, that’s possible but might risk getting flagged as RMT since it requires sending gold.

Maybe they should hand out a whale title after spending 20k+ at ags :smiley: as some kind of rmt protection … But i would say next botuser / g2g enjoyer etc which is not gone

It is always impressive how people think they are smart for giving their money to a Casino-Game.

Literally the kind of foolish Customer they are fishing for!


Its clear as day AGS supports RMT because they wont ban the players who do because itll cut their player base by drastic amounts which will look bad at their quarterly share meetings.

Locking this thread because someone posted a screenshot of their bank account and information??? Yo, please don’t do that, ever.

That aside, the CMs here are not a part of Customer Support. We have no tools to look into or ban player accounts, and the forums are not the place to send these reports. Please report players who are breaking the rules of the game here so that our CS staff can action against them: Report a Player or Guild - Support | Amazon Games