#freetheabyss - a new way of progressing

On most of your posts regarding content and its release, you talk about the mechanics and players having issues with them, as well as the honing rate.

In Korea players had years/months before each release of new content to practice the mechanics, level there strongholds, stock up on pirate coins etc.

In the west players are expected to master content they can only do once a week, or level alts to be able to get an extra chance to run the abyssal dungeons. There is not enough time to practice, and there is also no way of being a weekend warrior, and still hone your skills.

So Id like to suggest the addition of a scaling hard mode to the tier 1-2 abyssal dungeons and removal of the daily entrance count. The major reward should be claimable once a week, and every other time you go in, you get tokens similar to the chaos dungeons, and you can use these to purchase honing mats, and other stuff from an abyss vendor.

The vendor can have weekly caps like the rest of the vendors in-game, and the addition of scaling hard modes can be more in line with what western players are used to, repeatable group content, while still using the korean grind system.

Something like this would also add value and replayability to the lower tier content, and give players an extra option to farm honing mats, without having to invest a lot of time and resources.

no because every other time you can go in, you can take 3 lowies with you and carry them for their gold.

That is exactly why its impossible to do multiple runs