Freeze is a bad status effect for Melee classes

Coming at this from a striker perspective but I swear freeze is super inconsistent at allowing you to combo out of. Certain classes seem to escape consistently vs others.

I realize you need to time your hit to hit them the second the ice breaks but it just seems like an infinitely worse status CC compared to stun for Striker since you can lift people out of stun and can’t lift frozen targets.

I’m not sure if there even is a freeze move on other melees. At least I don’t see any other ones taking it if they have stun instead.

Pheonix Advent and Berserk Circle just make me wish they were stuns instead of freezes everytime I use them.

I agree in a way that it makes the flow of your combos awkward and can even make you miss a full combo if timed poorly but it has its upsides as well. I enjoy the freeze mainly to allow a reset or change my position so i don’t miss my moon flash kick (My god i miss this so often).

Freezes are “less” OP than stun for me.

if you’re under a freez, you can spam your neutral, and if the enemy fail his control, then you escape, but freez are also waaaaaaaay easier to put.

And Blade got a freezing build, love it.

When you land a freeze you wait a second maybe half a second and then moon flash kick. Don’t wait for freeze to be over/break or they will just punish you for it. We land the freeze for the purpose of , moonflash kick, storm dragon awakening, lighting whisper, swift wind kick combo. I understand where your coming from but imagine if striker had a DB stun bro😳 people already think we are OP with literally no push immunity except the one skill we have to fill an orb with

Sleeping Ascent is better to use off the freeze as it staggers during the slide giving them almost no chance to space out of it.

Lava is a bad status effect for feet.

I watched a God striker steamroll through deathblades in 1v1 yesterday lol

Strikers definitely shine in 3s though. Their peels are f ING crazy a good striker won’t let you play