Freeze Shell = Free Skill ? (Artillerist)

Hello! I thought when I save Freeze Shell in the Skill Inventory = I get a skill that’s +1 higher than before to use on Pressurized Heatbomb. Now I cannot see where I got free points, or if I even got them? Why the hell is communicating so hard for the devs? Anyone else got tips or has the same problem?

From other topics it sounds like they appear in universal storage.
I usually see it as option on ESC if there is something in it.

welp, you are right. now i accepted the compensation on him already tho. fml :frowning: maybe they make it rosterwide?

I’m missing a ton of amulets on multiple characters. Looks like they messed something up.

They are not rosterbound, its universal storage for the character that lost the spell. Stop trying to beat the game you won’t win.

same actually, i am absolutely sure, i had all lvl 4 on my serker, but a few skills are lvl 4 and not 5. How the fuck can sth like this happen with a game like this (MULTIPLE TIMES) is unfathomable for me.

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