Frequent disconnects

I have been experiencing occasional disconnect issues for weeks, but in the last few days it has steadily ramped up to the point where I was disconnected 3 or 4 times in 1-2 hours of trying to play today. It has already cost me a full boss rush of loot, and with this increased frequency renders the game functionally unplayable due to the risk.

I have already attempted every type of troubleshooting suggested across the forums, reddit, and fan sites. Nothing has fixed the issue. If this is not resolved, I will have no choice but to quit playing entirely.

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i really hope they dont chalk this up to “its on your end” when after having looked across the forums, reddit, and fan sites, there is clearly a recent ramp up of people experiencing this.

The downside of all this is that no one really knows where this problem comes from… so smart they are and they don’t know.

I’m also having this issue. It began for me after the server crashes a few days ago. Playing on Elzowin.

same situation for me.

Same boat. Tried everything that has been suggested in other topics about the same problem.

The game is basically unplayable at this point.

Same problem here, i keep getting disconnected with the W0x5-0PELPWP1N2NT error around 5-10 minutes after selecting my character, i already tried every solution i could try but nothing works including reinstalling lost ark and steam
This never happened to me before and suddenly started yesterday
Its actually unplayable
Server: Asta
Characters: Suskiam + Alts

Same here, I’m getting frequent disconnects since yesterday.

I have the same problem, when will the authorities find a solution?