Friend account unbanned! But Steam account still banned

Progress! but not out of the woods just yet. My friend who was banned yesterday from this post was unbanned!- Yet another false positive ban

When checking their steam account, they are still flagged as banned, however. They still can’t post in the lost ark forums because of the steam ban. I’m sure there’s a process, but if posting here helped in any way, checking again here wouldn’t hurt!



Forum team does not deal with bans at all. Your best bet would be to contact AGS support here:

Or post in the support forums as the CS team are not very active in general discussion.

Also may want to let steam know that the ban has been lifted by the developer. Usually that is done automatically but an error might have prevented that.

Was banned yesterday and unbanned 3 hours after I appealed (noticed my unbann because the game developer ban got lifted on steam). Its just gonna take some time. It took like 8 hours to get my ban on the forums lifted and 26 hours to get my unban confirmation via email. This stuff is apperantly done by different people.

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True, but highlighting the concerns we have at least brings us a chance a visibility. It’s a stretch, I’m sure.

We escalated with these support escalations, hoping for the best!

We assume there is some hang up on steam side to match what AGS updated on their end. Could be a different team, yes.

Might or might not work. Not sure how twitch account linkage is related to these bans but apparently this is working for some people.

My friend tried appealing to support multiple times and still hasn’t resolved the ban on steam.

@Roxx Halp~ <3