Friend banned, (likely) for funneling gold between his own accounts

i wish if it was a bug. i’m really confused on why would they remove a very helpful and active CM like Azanaa. however i don’t know if they made this decision or she decided to step down. either way it sucks losing her.

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They likely banned him for gold mailing instead of account sharing. Plenty of players are multi-boxing with chaos scripts and avioding bans using the AH. Mailing gold on the other hand,has a limit that will easily trigger detections and result in bans.

Xd its funny how ppl think they are smart and rest are dumb. To answer your question;I dont know I dont work in IT, have no idea, but same as you can change it but there are always was to check it and for sure developers for sure have tools to check everything if they just want to prove u sth.

here is one of the reason why using multiple account is not allowed

people multiboxxing and ruin the game xperience for everyone

I’ll never understand why everyone does that una task when Hope island one is way faster and way less crowded.

Because you can do it at same trip as Shushire Lopang.

Could not find it atm, and I’m kinda busy with uni, so I talked to support:

Here’s the provided link:

CC: @Lorf, @cheddarZed

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Who does leapstones and silver on the same character?
You either do 3x leapstones or 3x silver on a character.

They confirmed you can’t have a 2nd roster on a different server? Makes no sense for that to be bannable and it’s common practice on Korea. The fact that the weekly events and Aura are shared makes me believe they indeed allow you to create on different servers

Another account is not the same as second roster. The latter is fine.

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Provided those statements, as long as both account don’t interact this would not be consider “unfair” and you could not be banned.
That third statement is not really specific and could consider both a second account and a second rooster on same account as “unfair”.


Maybe I’m missing something, what third statement? and what is confusing about it?

Doesn’t really clarify for me what is considered unfair advantage. Sure hacks, cheats and those are pretty straight forward but doesn’t explicit says that having a second account for gold generation is considered as such too.
“We reserve the right to determine what constitutes unfair play and to take corrective action we deem appropriate.” This is a little meh…
Because if they consider a second account as unfair same apply to second rooster and people that know other regions can do that with obviously complain

We are in a state that honestly if you give gold or items to a friend that is starting out, it could be considered unfair and led you to a ban

Ah yes, the classic legal sui generis stuff that gives them the power to do whatever.

But yes, it is not specific on purpose, so that they can cover as many cases as possible, since “fair” and “unfair” are subjective terms, legally you would have to specify a lot of stuff to be able to cover every case, so they use that line to just cover them all even those that they don’t know and people can exploit, so that they don’t have to update the TOS every time.

So, as long as both account don’t interact, you should be safe.

Not sure about this, it will probably look sus that’s sure.

I often borrow gold to my friends so that they can hone or buy skins. But they always give it back when they can tho, but we always play togethen on the same clan usually do activities on set days, so I can prove they are friends and not alt accounts.

More than one account can play from “your” computer(family members), no need to different mac addresse or ip addresse, but ones one of the account is getting fed all the gold and mats…

Found this one of the threads Is it against ToS to play on multiple accounts? - #2 by Puzzleous

Accord to the CM it’s a “you worked for this so you decide what to do with it”. Seems they went back and changed their opinions now?


So we are back on the uncertainty…

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Well it can actually happen hm

Simply put, 1 account per person.
Don’t abuse it or else you’ll get banned.

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