Friend list suggestion to easily find friends

Often times I look at my friend list and I just can’t seem to remember who is who. Since people often times have multiple alt characters with different names, it’s hard to locate which friend I’m looking for when they log onto an alt character with names I haven’t seen.

I know that there is the memo feature that you can use to note down who someone is without trying to identify them based solely on their character name. However, I rarely use it unless it’s my irl friends who have easy to create memo names (e.g. their irl names). This is due to the fact that it’s hard to really write down an easy to remember/ identifiable memo for the people that I’ve met along the way from doing just a few raids with.

Even though I’ve created a friendly chemistry with one account under a player, it’s hard for me to remember and identify that feeling again when I look in my friend list and it’s all names I don’t remember playing with.

To make it easier for someone to remember their friends in their friend list, I propose adding the character name that someone has friended with next to their logged in character name. For example, if I friended someone named “123” and he logged onto another character named “456,” my friend list will show: “456 (123).”

TLDR: It’s hard to remember friends in the friend list because they can log onto their alts with a different name. I suggest putting the names when you first friended someone next to their current logged in character name. E.g. “current (first-friended)”

Thank you for your suggestion! I’ll get this to the team.

I’ve sent your feedback over to the team!