Friend was permabanned + ban upheld, no idea why / EAC?

The appeal may as well have been automated. It lists all of the possible reasons someone may potentially be banned and states “we reviewed the information you provided on appeal and have confirmed that the original disciplinary action was merited in your case.”

Problem is, this person has literally not played the game much for the past month, didn’t provide any information and didn’t do any of the things listed as potential reasons why.

The keyword / only edited portion of the email response was “We take instances of cheating seriously…”

So this is likely related to EAC picking up something and deciding it is cheating. They played a lot of Elden Ring which also has EAC enabled to the point that it would throw errors when loading LA/ER too fast after closing one of them.

This seems to be a case of “acceptable collateral damage” via overtuned anti-cheating software and automated detection/resolution on the customer support side to try and deal with botting, but it is clear that it is impacting people who are not breaking any rules.

I’d also be interested to know which ban decisions actually get overturned on appeal, since the response is about as thorough as “yep, says right here you broke the rules” and chat and other avenues of support point to this automated system.


Also, it is a bit bizarre to use a canned “appeal rejected” letter where there is only one word/phrase being swapped (I’ve seen “Gols[sic] selling” in another thread with the rest of the email identical), but then also listing 6 reasons for bans? If the person is permabanned why would you provide things that may or may not be relevant?

It is infurating and baffling: “racist people in chat get banned as well as people who don’t ‘play fair,’ ‘don’t play within the rules of the game’, 'cheat/bot/hack/use software, RMT”?

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Hello @frotty,

I’m very happy to hear that you friend’s ban got reversed!

Do you know by any chance if he appeal again? Because if after reviving one deny if he do it again but this time he added more information that could have been the reason of why this time it was reversed.

One more thing that I want to tell you is that every ban and appeal is reviewed by AGS agents and human mistakes can happen of course so I want to apologize if your friend got affected by this.

Please have a nice day! :leaves:

Excuse me? Where did you hear that their ban was reversed?

The ban was NOT reversed, that’s not what upheld means.

“human mistakes can happen” is definitely something a human would say.

The opposite is what’s happening here: automated systems are just agreeing there was cheating, and confirming that is what the automated system found. The only proof of human interaction is at the very most a human checking what an automated system “found.”

Simultaneously i hear that Amazon is working on a hotfix to reverse the false-positives. They should inform their customer service of this (if it is true).

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It definitely wasn’t for RMT because AGS would rather make the game worse for people that follow the rules instead of actually punishing people who buy gold from bots. That’s the reason we have ridiculous queues right now. Instead of a 3 day slap on the wrist they need their accounts deleted

I’m truly sorry for the misunderstanding @frotty, at this moment I escalate your case and ask our teams regarding this case.

As soon as I have an update I will let you know, either if this ban will get reversed or not I can not speculate about it since we do not have the information about them or why there ere issued.

Thanks for the correction.again and your patience.

Hello frotty,

I don’t understand your entire thread. That’s not to say I don’t know what your saying but rather the purpose of your thread.
“My Friend …”

Yes you could possibly help your friend with their problem but I don’t think this is the way to go about it.

If your friend has had a problem then it should be them trying to resolve the problem. The way it is now you make me feel like you are a botter and one of your alternate accounts got banned s your trying to get the account and all the gold you have farmed back.

I am truly surprised you have had any kind of official response at all.
Cheating of any kind should be treated seriously and so therefore any kind of ban should be treated the same. If it is your friends account then how could you expect any official to deal with anyone about the case except the person involved.

I do wish your friend the best of luck resolving their issue but you should keep in mind that it is your friends issue and not yours. You can not state with any certainty that they did not cheat, you merely assume they didn’t, haven’t and will not in the future.

When you get banned you can’t post here, which is why I posted here.

Did you not read my original post? They already did and the appeal was responded to immediately with the message above. There is nothing else they can do.

Why would I care about an alt account if I was a botter? Botters just make another free steam account and bot again.

The point of my post is pointing out that there are false-positives on the detection system and the support experience was not very good. I am not “trying to get an account reinstated,” I am bringing it up in case others had the same thing happened and the managers here can escalate it in general. It’s odd because the response above is that they’re escalating “my case” when I don’t have a case and haven’t provided any info about it other than the original two posts.

Yes, I can state with certainty that they did not cheat. You’re the one assuming that I can’t know that they didn’t.

Thank for letting me know about the fact that a game ban also comes with a forum ban, which I was unaware of. I did receive a message from another user after my post here detailing that as well.

Yes I did read your OP but that does not change the fact that it is their problem and something that only they can manage to have resolved.
There is always a method to escalate things and that is likely the manner in which your friend should continue to resolve their issue.

I still do not believe that you nor anyone else can state with certainty the the person concerned has not ‘cheated’ or done whatever they are being accused of. I don’t know your relationship with your friend and there is no need for me to understand that but you can not state what they are doing on their computer unless you are the administrator of said machine and have a very firm grip on the security of said machine.

I will however concede that as an informational thread you have done well. There are things stated here that I was unaware of but you did not make clear in your OP that this thread was created so as other users could be made aware that a game ban also includes a forum ban.

I can only urge your friend to follow up on this issue and not simply leave it alone if they are wrongly accused as I do think a game ban here will follow them to steam and will never go away with no manner in which to hide it in steam. Steam users look quite poorly on other users with vac or game bans.

I would like to thank you for maintaining a good standard of civility in your thread and your response to me.

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