Friend wrongfully received Perma-ban


My friend “Bigdreek” that I play with got wrongly perma-banned. He’s played 391 hours with me as a 1360 Deadeye with some lower ilvl alts. He may have been flagged because he lives in India and does not use a VPN. Plays on North America East Regulus server. 100% HAS NEVER BOTTED, RMT, or cheated in any way. Still new to the game and has been catching up to us for Valtan. The error code code he receives is “10010” with no reason mentioned.

Char name: Bigdreek
Region: North America East
Server: Regulus



I’m sorry to hear that your friend had issue within the game that caught him to be banned. Currently forum mods and live chat mods can’t see any information related to the ban.

To get more information you need to make a ticket on: Appeal a ban - Support | Amazon Games

If you got any more questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Thank you!