Friendly reminder for new players, f2p and casuals

empty strongholds not allowed i agree! you don’t decore it to the max then you’re not welcomed. period!

pretty solid list.

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I feel you might be taking this post a tad bit more serious than it was intended.

Good luck waiting 2+ hours to fill your lobby.

My Paladin is so jacked people are actually paying me to join my lobbies. Fact.

You forgot certified proof that confirms your multiple clown kills on both, RU and KR. You can bypass some of the above by being an Artist main in one of these regions though. Artist mains are automatically god tier at the game.


I see plenty of people trying to be funny, flooding this thread with ironic posts. But in the meantime OP has a point. We’re tired of postponing major raids, just because some people can’t keep up. And looking at the topics like this one - Why is 1302-1340 so painstakingly long? proves some people will never be ready.


Not a whale and semi F2P with my main sitting at 1492 and 5x3 engravings, 4 ALTS sitting at 1370 since 3rd week of July. With my current roster set up, my roster level is only 110. This means I wont be able to join your party?

gotta get that extra 30 Roster level!

Someone who gets it. Cheers.

I’m sure most people understood what you were trying to convey with your topic… The issue is the way in which you presented it, with an air or superiority that took the attention away from your core message.

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Now is the time to get good or quit.

By that you mean nolife in the game or swipe. Nah I will be making my own groups.


How much damage does 30 extra roster level do?


You gain 0.4% increased damage per roster level so (30 x 0.4%) = 12% additional damage. That’s almost an entire engraving.



physical or mental? :upside_down_face:

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there’s the training one i have no need for your elitism here. and its up to guild and parties to decide you go make your elite/whale groups. what you want is not to experience the raid is to stomp it.

damn, really? I just hit 140 two days ago if I had known I wouldve farmed those towers T_T too lazy now tho

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Yes. :innocent:

But actually, no.

time to delete my lowest alts and remake and do story on both of them and then head to tower.

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While those who replied so far knew I was joking, let me just clarify for others who might read it.
This is untrue. You gain nothing other than the basic roster rewards/+5 stat increases from raising your roster level if you don’t count the mental gains. I don’t want to be the source that spreads deadly misinformation in the community.

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I see well thanks for clarification :smiley:

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