Friends list: all friends disappeared

There must be a bug in the Friends list: all my past friends are gone, the ones who haven’t logged on for months and also the ones who recently added each other as friends. Nothing in the Friends list and nothing in the Roster friends list



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Hey there! I moved your post to our bugs section.

I am sorry you’re experiencing this issue. Is this happening to all your characters?

@jabermouth Welcome to the forums! Thank you for coming forward and stating you’re having the same issue.

Same here, all characters

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yeah i have the same issue aswell

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same for me, list is empty except for a blank “friend” with no name and when i use the visit stronghold on it, it just takes me to my own stronghold

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Same here

Same issue aswell for me. All friends (normal and roster ones) on all my characters got nuked with one exception like in @Taydr case that I got 1 blank friend, but when I want to visit his stronghold I get message “You must own a Stronghold to visit other Strongholds.”

I’m having the same issue. When i logged in yesterday after the weekly maintenance the only friends in my Friends List were those who were both online at the time and previously Roster friends. Any non-roster friends had disappeared. However, today it is worse and my Friends List is completely blank other than the Lv.0 with no name as Taydr has shown above. Even someone I added yesterday has now disappeared.

For reference;
Region: EUW
Server: Moonkeep

@Gaul Welcome to the forums! Thank you for coming forward and stating you’re having the same issue.

@Taydr We appreciate the additional photo and I’m sorry you’re experiencing this bug also.

@scanz1 Interesting, so you did have access to your online rostered friends but that changed today. Thank you for the additional information.


Let me clarify;
Yesterday the only players in my Friends List were those who were previously Roster Friends AND online. I could not see players who were previously Roster Friends, but NOT online. Nor could I see any non-Roster friends.

Today, I have no players in my Friends List at all and that includes someone added yesterday.

It could be the bug is with online status and the list is simply not displaying any friends unless they are online because 1 just came online and now appears in my Friends List.

Okay, gotcha. Thank you for clarifying and expanding on your experience! :slight_smile:

Yes, this bug appears with all the characters

Same issue , friends list empty except a single “blank” entry on all characters and can’t even see people who I know are online. Stronghold visit button says I must own a stronghold to visit another.
Block list is still populated, so there’s that I guess.

@o-o is there any update on this, I also have this issue across all characters.


I’m sorry you’re having the same issue. I don’t have an update at this time. Once I do, I will be back in this thread to update you all!

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I have the same problem.
All my friends are gone on all of my characters…

@Galaxian Thank you for letting us know you’re having the same issue. I apologize for the inconvience. :disappointed:

Yep, all my friends on my friends list are gone – except perhaps for those listed as roster friends.
Very annoying to try and figure out who was on there and add them from memory… This wasn’t considered when they updated the friends functionality… What a shame :frowning:

Same problem here, only ones i still have are those that were registred with roster

SA server