Frog npc - legendary engraving bags disappeared from storage

Is it just me or did anyone elses legendary engraving bags that they saved for summoner disappear from the roster storage? I didn’t see any expiry on those bags.

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I haven’t seen any date’s on them either, i’ll check when i log in too.

but there’s no dates on them


try checking other character

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I saved 18 legendary engraving bags from the frog shop in my storage and the bags are gone after maintenance.

My bags were exactly where I left them (roster storage).

@efull u sure u left them in roster and not on an other character ?

I just checked all my characters (just in case) and they are gone. I’m on the NA east server Avesta (just in case this is region thing)

My engraving pouches are where I left them as well. You must be overlooking them somehow…

I have them too.
U should write to support for help

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