From purely a business standpoint, why withhold skins?

I’m just curious here. From a business standpoint, wouldn’t it make sense to release skins in the shop for players to buy NOW while there are a ton of players, anxious to spend their hard-earned money on them?
Why wait? The player base will go down eventually, that’s less opportunity to sell skins/cosmetics.
Other regions have tons of skins to choose from. Why are we only being given only class specific ones – some classes don’t even have any in the shop.
So why withold skins? Skins aren’t content, they are an added bonus. We know you have all of the skins because the game has been out for over 4 years.
So what is the point of making us wait to purchase them?


It just feels like it’s intentional on their part – more censoring skins out of the game

too young too simple, if AGS release the skins 1 by 1 they will eventually make much more profit than just throw them out all by once

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This. If all skins were available, you would buy just the one you want.
If they release 2 new ones next week, but not the one you want, you keep thinking about skins, and you will break down inside, and buy the one that looks ‘cool’ now :rofl:


I’m convinced that the store is screwed up. More than half the classes have no outfits available in the shop and the outfits that are available in the shop are reskins / recolors of the outfits from the founder’s pack and starting pack (barring one mage outfit). I could understand a limited roll out or a small selection of outfits at a time but as it stands right now there is nothing worthwhile due to how many classes are missing outfits.

Edit: I just looked at the store on my Sorceress and she has two outfits available to her. Striker has one outfit available to him, Gunslinger has two outfits available to her, and Paladin has one outfit available to him. That’s it… of the fifteen classes in the game only four have outfits in the shop while the other eleven have no outfits. Why are so many classes missing outfits right now?


Over the long run this is more clever marketing when it comes to the skins. It’s annoying for us, but it makes business sense at least at the beginning to rotate small numbers of skins at a time to increase sales of skins overall over a longer period.

100%, being honest and looking at all the great skins they have in Korea it makes a lot of sense why they’ve given us some very mediocre ones to start. The lawmaker and alar sets are very basic/boring but because it’s all people have to customise with there’s a big demand for them

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I must be missing something but how does it make good business sense to release 15 classes and then not include outfits for 11 classes? Because that’s the state of the store right now.

That specific part (not having the store skins available for all classes) makes no sense. But having only 1-2 skins available does.

Though to be fair they do now have the Alar outfit for all classes but that’s pretty much one outfit and it’s nothing special seeing as you can get it by buying a Starter Pack if you don’t get it from the cash shop. Where are the rest of the outfits? Where are all the outfits that aren’t some reskin/recolor of a pack outfit (be it the founder pack or the starter pack)?

They can release them slow as they want. I wish they wouldn’t go slower but i have 7k crystals and a founder skin I’m more than happy with.

Will not buy anything i don’t absolutely love.

The answer is in your title, and because of the McRib: Artificial Scarcity. :disappointed:


If they did this, you’ll be happy for awhile and then you’ll complain that there are no new skins and wished they’d make more…

It’s not for NA. NA players aren’t like the Asian player base that will gobble up new skin releases just to be part of the crowd. It’s never worked that way in NA and never will. Maybe I’m jaded from working at Disney for almost 30 years where we have some of the best market research on the Planet but it seems those in charge of this game have access to at best, amatuer level marketing research.
There’s no reason not to release a few more currently developed skins while player count is high and then hit up NA players with new KR/RU skin drops later. People playing now may still quit in 30-60 days even if they bought a skin but not one damn player is going to stick around solely to wait for skins. Any marketing research firm worthy of the title would tell you to make maximum profit while your player base is max.


That is only sound if we don’t know what is coming. We already know the good skins, we know what they look like, so people will just hold off buying those.

it is like you know the Wagyu steak is coming, so you save room and not eat as much.

For me, I get bored of skin after day or two, no matter how good. I don’t even use my founder skins anymore. So having me buy the one I want right now is better. I get bored of it after few days and then start buying other ones. As oppose to what is happening - I am ignoring all the skins till I get the gold and black skin for Wardancer.

Well, I think it makes some sense to not release them straight away. First of all, many founder packages received crystals, if they spend it on skins now they might not buy new ones in the near future. If they let founders spend their crystals elsewhere - like Mari shop, ship skin etc - when they release new skins they’ll probably buy more crystals. Most free to play people don’t spend that much money on a game, I think founders are more likely to spend more, I might be wrong though.

I agree with the consensus in here Amazon is doing this wrong and doing cash shop backwards. Amazon releasing all the power/gear cash shop items now (you can literally buy gear upgrades) WITHOUT cosmetics is just lost business and also reducing player numbers. What is happening is whales are speeding through the game and will take a break because they swiped to the end and get bored. But without cosmetics Amazon can’t take advantage of the whales; once they buy the gear upgrades they are done before Amazon releases the cosmetics they would have bought.

Meanwhile the rest of the player base sees complaints about p2w. Some will quit. Those who quit may have bought a cosmetic if they were available early on (like now), but they will be long gone before Amazon releases cosmetics at this rate. As the Disney person said, you release the cosmetics now when your player base is at the max because cosmetics appeal to everybody, especially the noncompetitive portion of the player base (most of your players Amazon!) who otherwise will not be around by the time you release skins at this rate.


Yes, I agree with this. Obviously, they want to create FOMO, but I think that by not offering people more choices for clothing Amazon is harming the market. There are many people, myself included, who would like to see some clothing that isn’t so risque. If that’s your favorite style, you’re already being served as a consumer. But the North American market skews much more conservative where clothing is concerned. And women often feel like clothing is paramount when making a connection with a character they’re playing. If that connection isn’t made, people lose interest.

As some people have said, FOMO or maybe they want do to special “packages” with skins.

If you’ve played PSO2 when it first came to global, they’re a prime example of having loads of content to be released but “drip” feeding it to the player base every week or two, or adding it in various other ways.

I’m also guessing this helps with player retention as well. I don’t like the business model but that’s what you get with these F2P games.

Exactly! On the long run FOMO might work. But right now they are loosing tonns of money with it.
One of the first things I did was to check the store for skins. They were meh so I didn’t buy any.
I have no idea how long I’ll stay hyped about the game. Maybe not for that long and when I’m not hyped anymore I won’t care about skins either.

So ye. The person who made this decision lost a LOT of money for Amazon.