From which point to farm shards via Una's Task instead of GHL?


so see question@topic- are you still doing 3x GHL una’s at 1490-1505 or switching to shards?

I am 1490 and i still do the 3 GHL Una. Shards i farm with Chaosdungeons and Chaosportal Maps. We have some months till they are needed so i stack up for the worst case.

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at the point at which you start getting gated by shards instead

Great Honor Leapstones

great idea start stacking them only when u need them :skull:

Never. Farm ghls, sell your unbound for gold, buy pouches either from ah or mary.

I dont think there s a single daily worth the exchange

The biggest honor shard reward on a daily is 720… yeah it’s close to nothing lol

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don’t matter much … 5 ghl is 150 gold 750 shards is 150 gold as well :stuck_out_tongue:
i suppose longterm there will be more value in shards if u pushed high

Main= only ghl. Nothing else. Weekly: 2x Boss rush ghl 1x Chaos dungeon shards

i mean you can always just do the math for what you would need in the future you are looking at
and then calculate what you would be able to reasonably acquire until then